First Impressions: Air Gear


Since I listened attentively to the first part of the show, at least I can tell you part of what Air Gear is really all about. Imagine if a rollerblade that can match the speed of cars are invented? Then you got the main ingredient for Air Gear!

Making use clever use of technology, very fast speeds are achieved with the new rollerblades. This anime is a potential gold mine for spin-off merchandise. However, put in some ecchi stuff and whoa!! I’m turned off.

Why should the breast sizes of the female characters concern me? And besides, I could see it going the direction of a harem anime. There’s better stuff out there that I can watch. Frankly, if I wanted a fun series with ecchi in it, Amenaideyo would be fine. But this anime is just not for me. I dunno if it gets better in future episodes, but if you are into ecchi and rollerblading, then this is for you.

Note: This is a repost from my old blog. Do not ask me for links to subs or other sources of the anime I blog here. I will not answer such queries. Thanks for reading!


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