First Impressions: Ergo Proxy


Ok, so I’ve waited for some time to for a chance to watch this anime series. The first scenes are in a lab we’re a certain specimen is being held. Well, ‘it’ escapes, and then we are shown scenes that I can only describe as–confusing?

Pardon me, I found the first half very slow. I didn’t notice much of a background music so maybe it made the first half ‘slow’ in my opinion. Several images were being shown which might be important or not.

The main character here is Lil Mayar, who we see first in her car with Iggy, who I’m guessing is a robot or an android or something. She seems to be an investigator though I don’t know if she has a rank. There are also other characters like the mysterious Raul, who must be in a very powerful position though I’m not quite sure what. And Vincent, who is an immigrant though his job is more of like a mechanic or something.

Anyway, the setting is futuristic, we’re in a city where model citizens are encouraged to ‘throw’ their things away. There are also immigrants, which from the term would mean outsiders to this city (or so I think).

With the introduction of Lil, the pace gets a little faster (though not that really fast). They go to this abandoned building where supposedly some immigrants are illegaly occupying it. Upon inspection, indeed they find people living in it with their robot companions. It is also here where Lil encounters the escaped specimen from the opening scene. The monster (well it looks like one) escapes from their encounter by jumping through the glass window.

Lil takes aim

While investigating the tracks left by the monster, Lil is suspiciously warned by Iggy from further investigating it, since it is not her responsibility anyway. With this, they leave the scene.

However, this will not be the only time that Lil will encounter the escaped monster. Once home, she takes a bath, and the monster crashes his way to her bathroom and gives her lipstick a touch-up!

Lil and the Proxy

Ok, that was not the way it really happened. They just both cried like long lost lovers. No, I don’t know what of interaction they had so pardon me ^_^;

Then suddenly another monster comes along and it left me wondering, woah!! His wife just caught him in the act!!! No seriously, I was surprised too since they only showed one escaped specimen in the beginning.

Two Proxies!

So it ends with our heroine still in the bathroom, what happens next?

Verdict:  Well, this show was interesting and I will be watching it till the end. It might be slow but hey, there’s no other anime (I think) with gun-toting heroines out there right now so I’ll give this one some of my time. =)

Note: This is a repost from my old blog. Do not ask me for links to subs or other sources of the anime I blog here. I will not answer such queries. Thanks for reading!

This post has been edited for the nth time. That’s the consequence of not doing it right the first time. Laziness is one of my traits, and slow typing speed doesn’t help. And Lil is supposed to be Real. Now I don’t know which is correct so I hope you bear with my spelling ^_^;


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  3. Doh, I can’t post URI 😦 Check Wikipedia for those two, at least. They both represent the “best” artworks in their own time. Some of the environment and characters in Ergo heavily reminds of them.

    (Possible spoilers, sorry!)

    – Dome in Ergo looks and represents the same idea as in GUNNM (Alita),
    – Real Mayer looks like Alita 🙂
    – Entourages are same cross-human-cross-android entities as in Blame and the whole missing-world-and-people & megacity stuff reminds of Blame stories…

    I’ll avoid further comments of story not to spoil more 🙂

  4. its kind of great it seems like the picture of a real future..

    i was impress becuase the stuff they show are things that realy exist… a good serie really!

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