First Impressions: Mushishi


Mushi are mysterious and strange beings that are neither truly plant or animal. They are feared by people.

Ginko is a mushi-shi who investigates about mushi. In this 1st episode, there is this boy who, when drawing with his left hand, the drawing comes to life. His name is Ioroi Shinra. However, with his Grandma’s will not to let anybody investigate, he is in the process of writing a rejection letter to Ginko when the character that he writes is animated as a bird and it escapes outside where Ginko catches it. Shinra lets Ginko stay overnight even though he is forbidden to investigate.

At night, Ginko goes out to find the washroom when he notices something–a mushi. With the smoke from Ginko’s cigarette the mushi is captured momentarily and falls down. It is actually Shinra’s grandmother Renzu, now half human and half mushi. It appears that Renzu was invited to a mushi banquet where if they drink the cup of wine they become mushi. However, Renzu’s transformation to mushi is not complete, since the ceremony was interrupted.

In the morning, Ginko tells Shinra about his grandmother, and that he can help complete Renzu’s transformation by drawing the green cup. When the cup is complete, Shinra’s grandmother is finally whole again. Then Ginko has Shinra drink from the cup to celebrate.

Then memories of her grandma are seen when he drinks the cup…The mushi prepare a banquet for Renzu and she is given a wine cup. She drinks it, but as she sips it she loses her ability to think. She is told by the mushi that she will have a grandson who has the ability to change the world. They ask her a favor to take care of him but an eagle bites the mushi’s hand. The ceremony is interrupted and the mushi disappear. She then proceeds home but half of her is left behind.

Ginko leaves in the morning but also takes with him the green cup. He is allowed to come back but as long as he does not investigate. However Ginko has no plan of coming back, now that Shinra’s grandmother, Renzu, is there to protect him.


Well, this episode was a little slow, and I’m sure the next episodes are too. The animation is okay and the story is great, but I’m more comfortable with faster pacing. I’m not totally giving up on this one, but there are other series out there that I’m more interested in. I’ll keep this one on the reserved list. =p

Note: This is a repost from my old blog. Do not ask me for links to subs or other sources of the anime I blog here. I will not answer such queries. Thanks for reading!


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