First Impressions: Ouran High School Host Club


For this anime, I didn’t like the animation at first. But I still decided to give it a try.

The setting is in a rich high school. Our main character, Fujioka Haruhi is looking for a place to study but the libraries seem to be full of noisy high school students. Until he comes across Music Room 3. Unknown to our main character, it is the room of the Ouran Host Club.

The guys of the Ouran High School Host Club

When he opens the door, the 6 boys of the Host Club are posing to greet him. Of course, the host club is where handsome guys with time to kill entertain girls who are equally idle. Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru are the twins. Morinozuka Takashi, also called Mori, is from the kendo club. Haninozuka Mitsukuni a.k.a. Honey, is a third year student but is too small to be one. Ootori Kyouya is the Host Club’s vice president. Suou Tamaki is called the ‘King’, the top entertainer of the Host Club.

Haruhi before the transformation to host

Haruhi was a nerd er, scholar, and he is mistaken for a gay. In the course of the interrogation he accidentally knocks down this Renaissance vase, supposed to be the centerpiece of the school auction with an initial worth of 8 million yen. Because of this, he is taken as the club’s dog or errand boy. Thus begins Haruhi’s adventures in the Ouran Host Club. Of course the twist in the end is that Haruhi is actually a girl!

The transformation to host


I had doubts about this one at the beginning of the show, but it gets only better in the later part. I’ll be watching this, hoping for more hilarious situations (like when Tamaki becomes curious about commoner’s coffee, which was actually just instant coffee). If you can ignore the gayish moments then this could be a fun series for you, as it was (surprisingly) for me. I hope the future episodes don’t disappoint.

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  2. ur such an idiot haruhi is a girl not a guy ! youd realize that if u payed more attention………..fukaina baka!