My Top 5 Anime for 2006


#5 Jyu Oh Sei

A strange planet with carnivorous animals and exiled criminals living side by side? Makes for an interesting show for me. The first episode really gives a very good first impression. =)


A drama about 2 girls with the same name is a good successor for the posts vacated by Honey and Clover and Suzuka. This is now added to my meager slice of life anime collection.

#3 Ergo Proxy

A gun-toting heroine and mysterious creatures are the draw for me here. It’s sci-fi to the core, and without new Ghost in the Shell fare this fills in the sci-fi slot for me.

#2 Ouran High School Host Club

Comedy anime no. 2 for me is this one. It’s funny and the anime is a refreshing addition now that Bleach and Naruto with their fillers are no longer on my crave list.

#1 School Rumble Ni-Gakki

For being the standard by which I now rate other anime of the comedy genre,this has to top my list. Along with Ouran Host Club, I eagerly await the new episodes every week.

Now since new anime might air in the following months, this list won’t be permanent. Will a new anime come along to yank Jyu Oh Sei from my list? That remains to be seen. So keep watch for my update to this list. =p


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  1. School Rumble’s been rated higher than Ouran? Must check it out sometime in that case. Then again I do really need to finish School Rumble S1 sometime, it’s been put on the backburner for now, don’t really know why.. Also, Jyu Oh Sei certainly does look interesting, it being by bones only raises my expectations for it to kick ass 😛

  2. The cast of characters for School Rumble is bigger and allows for more stories. I’ve been a fan of School Rumble ever since I saw episode two of season 1. Ouran is definitely funny but School Rumble second season is funnier.

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