First Impressions: Good Witch of the West


This starts out with a nice opening. Our heroine, Firiel, lives in Cerafield. The couple she is living with are not her real parents, as her father is too busy to take care of her. As she just turned fifteen, she is given a dress when she attends a ball later in the evening.

We are then introduced to Roux, Firiel's father's assistant. The scholar (as Firiel's father is addressed) gives her a necklace. It is this necklace that gets her into trouble later on.


Together with her friend Marie, they go to the ball at Count Rualgo's manor. While there, they were lucky enough to be invited to dance by the handsome twosome of Baron Lot Chrisbard and Lord Roland. Later however, when Lady Adale makes her appearance, that's when trouble for Firiel starts. Adale recognizes Firiel's necklace as the necklace of Edyleen, the Queen's touchstone. She is interrogated, and later she decides to just give it to the royals. Adale prevents the situation from deteriorating, however. We learn that Edyleen was a princess who disappeared years ago, and with her the necklace. Adale requests that Firiel entrust the necklace to her, and Firiel gives it to her. Roux then arrives and warns her that she should not wear the necklace to the ball because she would be in trouble. But by then it is too late. Roux also drops a bomb–that Princess Edyleen is Firiel's mother. With that Firiel leaves the ball with Roux.

The Ball

When they arrive at Cerafield, Firiel's father has fled and wrote a letter, also adding that he may not come back. Firiel's caretakers are also told by the scholar to burn his books. They then make haste to leave before the Inquiry Service come.

However, before they are able to finish their task and leave, hooded goons arrive and ask for the book of Ephemeris. Firie, with Roux's help is able to escape, and the last scene is Firiel's home in flames.


Well, it this anime starts out fine. However, when we get to the ball, that's where this anime goes downhill. The ball was so boring, with so little background music you'd wonder if it really was a ball. And with the sound of their conversation, you'd think only four people were around. The dialogue gets worse later on, and it reminded me of Tokyo Underground. It was painful to watch. It then picks up again toward the end of the episode, but by this time the boring parts of the show were already etched in my mind.


The next episode's trailer looks good. Still I don't think this series is worth watching. If you can stand the dialogue, the story is ok.


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  1. this is a pretty good anime it has good drawing quality. the first episode didnt strike me as a amazing but it does get better for those who like stories. in its few episodes its always got some strong twists and highlights. this is a good show not the best but good. i would recommend this to people who like fairytales that have gone wrong.

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