First Impressions: Utawarerumono


A masked man awakes to find himself in a house and with no memories of who he is. A girl named Eruruw is by his side taking care of him and his injuries. When he wakes up again later, he tries to take off his mask but it never comes off. He meets Eruruw’s grandmother, and Eruruw’s younger sister Aruruw.

Mr. Masked Man and Eruruw take a stroll around the village. We meet other villages and some new characters. But what is interesting is that in this village, the people who live here have strange ears, especially the women who also have tails!

After a while, our masked man and Eruruw take a brief rest. Eruruw however hears a commotion and goes to investigate. A tax collection is actually underway, Eruruw comes face to face with Nuwangi, a fellow former villager. He tries to take her with him, but Mr. Masked Man comes along and saves her.

A frustrated Nuwangi takes out his anger on a shrine in the forest. However a strange thing happens, the animals around flee and he is forced to run away in fear. It starts to rain.

Meanwhile in the village a meeting is underway. They sense that somebody has defaced the shrine to Mutikapa, a deity. Mr. Masked Man becomes a suspect, but the suspicion it just as easily dropped. But since it is raining hard and it is dark, they decide to fix it once the rain stops. However, as they sleep, a fearsome looking beast is at the shrine, standing over the ruins.


Well, we never know Mr. Masked Man’s name here. The story of a masked man who doesn’t know who he is sounds interesting, and the dialogue goes on smoothly. The villagers are not your normal humans either. Eruruw’s face when Mr. Masked Man grabs her tail looked very funny too, and there is never a real dull moment in this episode, though most of it are Mr. Masked Man and Eruruw’s converations.


I’ll be watching episode two to get where this story is going. But the opening actually shows armies and maybe it’ll get big action later on. This is on a watch later list. ^_^;


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