NANA + Toshiba = Gigabeat P NANA

If you’re a hard core NANA fan this one is for you. Akihabara News has featured an MP3 player from Toshiba, the Gigabeat P5S. But I’m not in Japan and I’m not fond of playing MP3s on the go so thankfully I won’t be drooling over this one.

toshiba gigabeat

Check out the links:

The Akihabara Article

The Toshiba Gigabeat

Edit: I fixed the link to the Toshiba website.

Edit 2: Fixed picture link.

12 thoughts on “NANA + Toshiba = Gigabeat P NANA

  1. That’s pretty crazy – companies are starting to make their mp3 players look more and more similar to the iPod every day.

    So…any idea if it has anything special that sets it apart from other mp3 players (like maybe it comes loaded with songs from the NANA anime or live-action film) other than the fact that it’s got NANA on a plastic cover over the screen?

  2. The fact that it has NANA-inspired theme is what sets it apart. The translated page doesn’t say any other NANA-related special feature except for a “logographic picture of NANA”. I dunno what ‘logographic’ means, but I imagine only a NANA fanatic or somebody with lots of disposable income will buy this MP3 player.

  3. dedwards

    I really like it! I guess that’s because I’m a huge NANA fan. If this player had more space on it, I would not hesistate to buy it. Stil, I wish I knew where to get it either way! 🙂

  4. chel

    THANK GOD! i swear this is the first site iv come to that actually recognises this as a tribute thing to NaNa and not some semantics ripoff of the word nano in ipod nano

    yea its true this is basically for nana fanatics cos the features…well they’re kinda not really good so…

    but yeah for nana fans (like me) itll be AWESOME, especially cos there are printed parts on the back (lotus for nana, strawberries for hachi, pins for black stones and guitar pick for trapnest), which seriously excites me for some reason

    yea too bad they prob wont ship to singpore where i live cos they’re limited edition and nana isnt really that big here, in fact, not at all big… 😦

  5. kara

    So i bought the cute Nana Hachi and now it doesnt work, it did for all of one day?? I dont speak Japanese so now its pretty much a waste! Does any one have any ideas for me?? thanks kj

  6. Kairi Kobayashi

    To: Kara

    I purchased the Hachi version of Nana too. There doesn’t seem too be a problem with mine and I’ve been using it for several weeks now. Maybe you just didn’t charge it? I didn’t charge mine for a while and (obviously) it didn’t work. Maybe you put it on hold without knowing. At the side next too the menu button there’s er…something that says hold on it. Oh i can’t explain it well but the power button is also the menu button and next too it is something like the hold button which you may have pressed by accident. If I’m making any sense at all right now! I can’t read Japanese either but I found it easy too learn what each function does. Like where you can view the pictures you put on your Gigabeat and what too press when you want too continue listening too the song you where listening too instead of the Gigabeat playing the songs from the beginning all teh way too the end. Yeah I don’t know if I’m making sense LOL! But that’s all I can help with for now I guess…if it helped at all!

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  8. You can buy it through, just type Nana in the search bar and have someone who speaks japanese and/or a person who has a credit card and order it 🙂

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