OT: Clijsters loses (again) to Henin; Federer goes to French Open finals


Kim loses to Justine

Let me digress for a while and mourn the loss of Kim Clijsters yesterday to Justine Henin-Hardenne. If what Kim said was true, this could be her last French Open. I’m quite sad she won’t have this last try for a French Open championship. I watched the start of the first set and Clijsters wasted some breakpoints. I thought their match was boring so I didn’t finish it. I hope she does better at Wimbledon, or even win it!! Kim is one of my favorite tennis players and I hope she does better in tournaments this year. Henin-Hardenne will aim for her third French Open championship but I think she’s got too much already so I hope Kuznetsova wins this time. =)

Federer makes it to the French Open finals

I didn’t get to watch this one, but Nalbandian apparently retired, and Federer is through to the finals. Federer got lucky this time, and I hope he gets even more lucky and finally end Raphael Nadal’s winning streak on clay (assuming Ljubcic doesn’t do it first). He’ll then have won all four tennis Grand Slams! It’s not that I don’t like Nadal but he’s young and I think he’s probably gonna win more French Opens in the future anyway.

Whew! Now that it’s out of my chest I feel better now. Or maybe I should make another blog for my sports rants. Hmmm……


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