Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episodes 1-3

Ok, Jyu Oh Sei is slowly reaching its end and the latest episode right now is number 9. Since I’m too lazy to blog every episode, I’ll just settle for the most significant happenings so far starting with episodes 1-3.

Episode 1: Fate

Thor and Rai are twins dumped into a planet named Chimaera after their parents are murdered. Here they are saved from death by Zagi, a man who would be an important player in the future of the planet itself. But these are not yet obvious here, as the focus is on how the twins cope with life in an inhospitable environment.

Thor in dilemma

My thoughts:

Of course this is the first episode and we are wowed by the strange new world of carnivorous plants and a segment of the human race that no longer lives on Earth. However the image of Thor brandishing his sword at his twin Rai sticks in my mind too. I mean, if you were stuck in Jyu Oh Sei with a weakling for a companion, would you do what Thor wanted to do? If survival was your only concern, would give up your only living relative with you? Edgar Allan Poe’s novel, ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’ comes to mind. With no food to eat, three companions lost at sea cast lots to see who dies first. The unfortunate one was killed and his body parts eaten. Of course it’s fiction, but the worst circumstances can bring out the worst in people fighting for their lives. Of course Thor is saved from eliminating Rai, as the plants actually do the job for Thor.

Episode 2: Ochre Ring

The hooded figure who saved Thor from the vicious plants is actually a woman! And surprise, the women in Jyu Oh Sei actually get to to choose who they mate with! Thor learns more about his surroundings and the workings of a true Ring. Tiz, the girl who saves Thor is actually from the Sun Ring, and has chosen him as her husband. We are also introduced here to the Third, another major player in the future events in Thor’s stay in Ochre Ring.

Thor saves Tiz

My thoughts:

How do you stop plants from growing? Sure you could pull out weeds, but gigantic plants? Of course you can do nothing about it unless you destroy everything in sight. And with women only a small percentage of the population, you’d have to do something about it or else it’ll be lots of trouble all around! The social structure of the inhabitants in Chimaera has really adapted to the harshness of the environment. And, yes, the Third is handsome! =p

Episode 3: Companion

Thor learns about a man named Colin from Tiz. Colin has been recently left in Chimaera, but he seems to know a lot about the outside world. Eager to know something about the death of his parents, he asks Tiz to take him to Colin. However, Sun Ring’s female Top, a woman named Chen, has arrived to take Tiz back to Sun Ring. Fortunately, Thor is able to defeat Chen and Tiz is now free to be with Thor.

Verasono vroooom!

My thoughts:

The plants just reduced further the female population of the Sun Ring! That Verasona is just too fast and furious! =p Anyway Chen was grossly underestimating Thor, his innocent looks must have fooled Chen. Their battle sure was interesting, but the Verasona’s attack just tops them all! The nasty plant makes a lasting impression here.

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2 thoughts on “Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episodes 1-3

  1. cxx

    those chicks could still be alive cut that sucker open. Its weird that the few women aren’t sex slaves on a prison planet with rapist and murderers

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