Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episodes 4-6


Episode 4: Challenge

Thor and company go to Colin’s place. Thor learns his parents were killed with the assassination plot as an excuse since they were a danger to Odin. As they prepare to leave, an assassination attempt is directed at the Third. At the banquet, Ochre’s Top is infuriated at Chen’s rejection of him and that the Third is alive. He tries to humiliate the Third but Thor kicks the cup in anger and announces that the Top had tried to kill the Third earlier. Thor says more than what he should have and the Third then cunningly announces that Thor is making a Try!

The Try

My thoughts:

The Third is impotent!! Here we see the other side of the Third. My impression of the Third degrades here, but he actually has very solid reasons for why he does the things that he does.

Episode 5: Duel

Thor punches the Third, and asks him why he announced Thor’s Try. The Third persuades Thor that it is right to challenge Top. They then formulate a plan to help Thor defeat the Top. At the Try, Thor’s inferiority is obvious, and he is wounded severely. However, all goes according to plan, the Third is able to distract Top and Thor grabs the opportunity and kills him. In the last part Zagi makes his reappearance.


My thoughts:

The Third is very clever indeed, and he also mumbles something about the Top’s role being finished. I wonder if this has a hidden meaning. Tiz gets to kiss a helpless Thor (okay, she just performs mouth to mouth resuscitation). And Chen, well, I really admire her because she never seems to give up on her man. =p

Episode 6: White Wolf Demon

Blanc Wolf, the Top of Blanc Ring makes his move by successfully attacking the Night Ring. The news gets to Thor, who has been successful as Ochre Ring’s Top. The Top of the Sun Ring then requests a meeting with Thor, and Tiz and the Third go with him. They learn there that Chen’s been wasting away. However, the Blanc Wolf launches a sneaky attack and kills the Sun Ring’s Top. Thor learns that the Blanc Wolf is actually Zagi. Zagi then tells Thor to meet him at the Dagger Pagoda, alone.

Before And After

My thoughts:

Poor Chen, the Third’s not really into her at all. I really want to know why Third thinks the way he does. @_@ And I wonder who the Third really is.

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