Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episode 7



At Juno, Odin (he’s the boss over there at Juno) is informed of the progress report by a certain Lt. Shigrud Heiza. The Midgard plan is then brought up. A Professor Rocky then warns of serious consequences of gene manipulation. Odin then says everything is for the sake of humanity.

Back at Chimaera, Thor and Tiz head for Dagger Pagoda. As Thor and Zagi talk, we learn that Zagi was sent to Chimaera because he saw something he shouldn’t have–the frozen bodies of generations of Jyu Oh. However, their talk is interrupted by Tiz. Zagi then invites them over to Night Ring territory as a blizzard is coming.

As they leave however, an assassination attempt is launched against Zagi. This is where a beautiful lady comes in to kill the would-be assassins. She is actually Karim, Zagi’s Second. (This is where Thor goes crazy over another woman =p)

Over at Night Ring, Thor and Zagi continue their talk. Zagi is actually pushing for the independence of Chimaera. Thor doesn’t agree, but Zagi convinces him that Odin has something planned for Chimaera. They’re interrupted again, this time by Karim. Thor leaves to check up on Tiz. Thor had not yet gone that far when he overhears the argument between Zagi and Karim. Thor goes back and interferes. However, Zagi tells Karim to leave.

Back with Tiz, Thor tells her that he will help with Zagi’s war for independence. However, the news of the Second’s disappearance reaches Thor and Tiz. Thor then sets out to find Karim. He does find her, but they fall into an abyss as the ice breaks under their feet.


My thoughts:

It’s just incomprehensible that Thor believes what Zagi says without any real proof or evidence. The Third sways Thor with his logic, but Zagi probably banks on the fact that he met Thor first and actually saved the twins’ lives. Or maybe Thor stills sees the Zagi he once knew, or his mind’s just clouded with thoughts of Karim. ^_^;


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