Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episode 8


Most of the episode is Thor and Karim in a lover’s quarrel and then making up so I’ll just list the significant events.

  • The first scene shows Third looking at the projection of an Earth-like planet.
  • Thor and Karim get to kiss!
  • When Tiz finally sees Thor, he breaks the news that he’s taking Karim with him to Ochre Ring. Thor then explains that he loves Tiz, but only as a little sister.
  • A plan is hatched: Thor is to go to Hecate as Jyu Oh, with Zagi as his Second.

Karim and Thor

My thoughts:

Unbelievable! Thor rationalizes his choice to Tiz with ‘I love you but as a little sister’ bullshit. Though I don’t think he really said in words that he’d be Tiz’s husband, he never made it clear if it was otherwise, from what I’ve seen so far.

Third is also becoming a more suspicious character here. He says he’s from the military, I wonder if he could be a spy for the ones who abandoned the Klein twins in Chimaera.

And Zagi? Well actually I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also in cahoots with Third or Karim on something. The only one in Thor’s circle who seems to have only pure intentions is Tiz, if wanting to have Thor’s baby would qualify as a ‘pure’ intention. =)

One thought on “Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episode 8

  1. cxx

    flippin two days vs four years with tiz. The whole karim thing was stupid. And when tiz ask him if she “isn’t enough” and all he could say is he is sorry pissed me off. Writers jumped the shark. Funny how he thinks of her as his little sister when shes is older than him though she doesn’t act like it sometimes. /rant

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