Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episode 9


Jyu Oh

Karim goes to talk to Zagi. Meanwhile, Thor continues to spew bullshit to Tiz. Unknown to him, Karim and Zagi are also logging their own kissing sequence. Zagi asks Karim whose child she wants to have, Zagi’s or Thor’s. Karim can’t answer. Zagi then leaves. A confused Karim then ventures out to chase him. Out in the cold, she glimpses a hooded figure that she thinks is Zagi. When she catches up, the hooded figure stabs her and leaves her for dead.

Meanwhile, Thor and Tiz actually overhear Karim’s shouts to Zagi. Thor also goes after Karim and finds her dead body. Thor suspects Zagi is the culprit, and searches for Zagi. He then tells Zagi to draw his sword. Everybody nearby is surprised, but Third suddenly pops out on top of the containers and declares the battle for Jyu Oh. The battle doesn’t last long though, as Thor is able to wound Zagi severely. Thor then asks Zagi why he killed Karim. Zagi’s reply seems to imply he didn’t kill Karim, and asks Thor to come closer so that he can tell him who killed Karim. Zagi stumbles onto Thor, and whispers to him not to trust ‘that’ guy. Zagi then passes out. Third then announces the new Jyu Oh. And as Third approaches Thor, he then remembers Zagi’s last words. Third wants Thor to deal the final blow when Dagger Pagoda lights up.

Thor, Tiz, and Third go into Dagger Pagoda. A voice announces that the federation has accepted Thor as the 38th Jyu Oh. Suspiciously, the guards also already know Thor Klein.

Karim dies
My thoughts:

Hmm…I suspect it was Third who actually killed Karim. Thor is intelligent, but he doesn’t seem to have smarts, and maybe that so-called emotional intelligence (EQ, which is different from IQ). I’m happy though, that Tiz doesn’t have competition anymore. =p

And I wonder what Zagi’s role will be in the last stages. He’s not yet dead after all.


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