In Review: Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night’s ending wasn’t bad at all. Maybe because I had actually lowered my expectations of it a bit.

Favorite Servant/s:

Saber, Archer

Favorite Master:

Rin Tohsaka. Too bad she has to play second fiddle to the inept and boring Emiya Shirou.

Best Fight:

Archer vs Berserker. Sorry Saber, even though you’re the number one reason I watched Fate/Stay Night, you don’t star in this one.

Favorite Villain:

Emiya S–er, Ilya, whatever her surname was. Maybe she just looks that way because she had a bad-ass Servant. And a kid with the skills for kidnapping too! Too bad she was destined to join Shirou’s harem from the beginning.


This show had good potential, but let me spell the big thumbs down factor here: S-H-I-R-O-U. Yeah, he started it out okay, but I do not feel any admiration or affection for the lead character. The last time he got stabbed by Gilgamesh, I was like ‘Yeah! Die Shirou!!’ But then again if he dies poor Saber will disappear. And speaking of Gilgamesh he just looks like a clown thrown in.

The fights were also not that superb, the exception being Archer versus Berserker. I had the feeling some really great fight by Saber was gonna come soon, so I kept on watching. It never really came.

Fate/Stay Night is not all that crappy, I’ve seen worse. But then this won’t make it as one of my favorites. This anime would probably be worth a mention every now and then, I won’t say it’s crap, but I won’t sing high praises for it either.

Rating: 3/5


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