In Review: Hajime no Ippo

What can I say? It’s the best sports-themed anime I’ve seen so far! The first episode didn’t impress me much, especially Ippo, but I was sure glad I watched till the end.

Our hero, Makunouchi Ippo actually starts out as a wimp, but after being saved by boxing champion Takamura and taking up boxing, his life changes forever. Of course a lot of times he’s still a wimp, but he really packs a powerful punch! He’s not invincible either, and it makes it more realistic.

The stories. You really don’t get bored with Hajime no Ippo. Sure, I think there was recap episode or two, but it’s more than 60 episodes so it’s fine. The comedic moments are great too! They really gave me great laughs. There’s also a love story too, but it’s not the focus here.

The fights. They’re awesome, and with the energetic way the announcer covers the fight, you find yourself absorbed into it. The moves are awesome too! I never knew about Dempsey Roll or Gazelle Punch, and that they even existed!

The characters. What I like about the anime is that Ippo’s foes also get their own screen time–their stories, why they box, their aspirations, etc. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll save that for another time. I don’t think it’ll be enough just to mention them here, I wanna save it for later! =)

The animation. The drawing style is basically makes most characters look chubby, even the girls. But with many entertaining matches and stories, I’m not complaining.

Favorite Boxer. Miyata. I really wanted to see a real match between him and Ippo.

Favorite Funny Guy. Takamura fits the role nicely.

Best Fight. Sendo versus Ippo, the rematch. Yeah, they really saved the best fight for last!

Sendo versus Ippo

Whew! When I get around to recomposing my all-time favorite anime, I’d sure think about this one too.

Rating: 5/5

6 thoughts on “In Review: Hajime no Ippo

  1. Karry

    If you think this “Ippo” is best – you clearly havent seen “Hikaru No Go” yet.
    The anime which single-handedly spawned the new generation of Go players.

    I admire “Hajime No Ippo”, it sure is inspiring, but not to the point for me to wear the gloves myself, lol.

    1. Frappe Umai

      Hahaha Hikaru No Go? Seriously reading that made me laugh and shit bricks. XD Board games? Fucking hilarious. Go players are hardly within the category of “varsities” or “jocks.” More like scrotum-less nerds getting amped up for mediocrity, they’re nowhere near pugilists.

  2. I think I’ve seen an episode of Hikaru No Go…the board game right? Well I think I prefer more action in the anime I watch, unless it’s a slice of life or if the story really catches my interest. Board games do not really appeal to me. ^_^;

  3. Hmmm I don’t think of it that way. We all have our likes and dislikes and what I like you may not like, and vice versa. Let’s just call this a difference in opinion. Hehehe.

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