The Common Denominator


I was wondering what pics to use for my Hajime no Ippo review and some crazy idea just came to me. Can you guess what these characters have in common? It might be corny stuff. These are characters from anime I’ve seen or are following. Now these are just crazy ideas folks. You’ve been warned. =p

1. Two girls and a guy. They sure look unique to me. Hehehe.

2 Girls 1 Boy

2. Now they have decorated faces. Anything more?

Pretty Faces

3. These three girls are all holding something right?

Three girls

4. Now if you’ve never seen Strawberry Panic and Mai Hime, and don’t know the off-screen exploits of Jean-Claude Van Damme, you might not get this one.


Now, for the common denominators:

1. Gaara (Naruto), Real (Ergo Proxy), and Eureka (Eureka 7) look like they could star in some rock band! Yeah, with Real as vocals and guitarist, Eureka at keyboards and Gaara as the drummer! Now I’m not a musician, so I don’t know if their positions are correct.

2. They’re all men!! That’s Thor from Jyu Oh Sei, Kiba from Naruto and Isabella from Paradise Kiss!

3. These ladies are singers. Nana (NANA), Minmay (Macross), and Maho (Beck).

4. The Kissing Bandits!! Shizuru (Mai Hime), Shizuma (Strawberry Panic), and Van Damme are known for er, stealing kisses or trying to. =p

This idea has been circulating in my brain for the past few days. ^_^; Now I should be able to move on to stuff that makes more sense. Yeah!


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  1. lol! omg for the first pic with Gaara, I thought you meant Gaara + Real = that pic of Eureka since she does have Gaara’s hair and real’s eyes in that pic lol.

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