Highlights: Jyu Oh Sei Episode 10



The trio of Thor, Tiz and Third enter the Dagger Pagoda. They are then escorted to Asgard, Odin’s ship by Don Loki, the head researcher of Ion II. However, only Thor is allowed to see Odin. After Thor leaves, it is confirmed that Third is actually Lt. Sigurd Heiza.

The meeting with Odin proceeds, and Thor learns the truth: that he is the Last Child. It had been predicted that human life in the Balkan system will be extinct. This is because descendants from Earth cannot adapt to the conditions of the Balkan systems. Humans must be created, and not made nature’s way, for them to survive. But since the people on Chimaera were the exception, DNA samples were collected from them. Genetic samples from frozen Jyu Oh were cross-bred and the offspring sent back to Chimaera. As the Last Child, Thor’s DNA is perfect for breeding the new generation of humans and thus he actually receives special treatment. But another painful truth is revealed: Eva, Thor’s supposed birth mother, was only a surrogate mother. And Rai was not even really Thor’s twin, but was the real child of the Kleins.

Thor was supposed to be sent to Chimaera for his final test in a cruel environment, but Eva refused. That was the real reason why the Kleins were killed. And another shock also greets Thor: the entry of Sigurd. Odin introduces him as the former Third, and he actually has the same hair color of Thor. Sigurd admits killing Karim was his duty. With that, Thor launches into more dramatics. After that we see Odin congratulating Sigurd, and the flashback of Sigurd’s childhood and his dream of going to Earth.

Thor and Third

Thor is sent back to a room with Tiz. Thor actually tells Tiz this time they should go back to Chimaera, and then they can have their child. Meanwhile Loki tells Odin a piece of his mind. And probably overcome with his guilt for playing God, he shoots Odin. But instead of stopping Odin, this actually has the effect of accelerating the Midgard plan. Odin activates the system that will terraform Chimaera, which will cause the death of its inhabitants.

With Odin adamant on proceeding with the Midgard plan, Loki tells Thor how to stop the process by entering an abort code to Valkyrie’s main system. Thor sends Tiz back to Chimaera, while he himself heads to Hecate to stop the system.

Thor fixes hair

My thoughts:

Finally we learn the real reason for Thor’s banishment to Chimaera. And this time, Thor does a 180 degree turn and tells Tiz they can have a child together!! At least for me, that’s the best statement from Thor in this episode. Finally, our man wakes up and the ghost of Karim is banished forever! =p


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  1. Hehe…You seem to be a big fan of Tiz 🙂 But so am I. Nice review…It’s sad that Tiz dies in the end. Didn’t expect that. It’s very disappointing indeed.

  2. I never like the whole plot. I mean, thor just lost karen and because he feels depress, he want to have babies with tiz? How low can you get, huh?

  3. why does his skin bcome darker in d end? and i didn’t like Tiz dying atall and wat happened 2 Zagi?
    wer did he go in the end.and i didn’t like Third dying…the ending was really disappointng……………..

  4. the ending was really unexpected..it was like climbing up d hill and fallin off suddenly………….they took d story so well.and spoilt d ending……..

  5. His skin colour changes because it adapts to the environment he only has silver hair and looks like rai in the begining so it was easier for eva to take care of him it explained it in the anime if people paid much attention his body adapts to environment. personally i liked the ending it wasnt as happy as all the other anime’s it makes more sense to do it that way rather than having the fairy tale ending that everyone is expecting.

  6. wat happened 2 Zagi?
    i really didn’t like Tiz dying…………………and Third………………
    so i didn’t like d ending must..They took it so well ..and just messed everything up in d end…….

  7. lol he was going to kill zagi over karim’s death but to third it like ‘no bro don’t worry about it I have Titz in reserve.’

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