My Foolish Dreams


This post concerns anime. But if you don’t like nonsense, don’t read.

You could say I’m a daydreamer. Usually it’s a bane to my productivity, but it probably is why I’m a little creative with words (in my opinion only). It actually also helps me get through a boring day. And of course, since I’m hooked on anime (and in the past, plain cartoons), it’s no surprise some out of this world thoughts enter my mind. Here are the best ones.

#3 A remake of Gundam Seed Destiny.

Old movies get remakes right? So why not GSD? Ok, so I didn’t like Gundam Seed that much because of the recaps and Kira’s crying and Lacus’ MTV sequences (Sorry Lacus fans. But my impression changes for the better in the later part of the series.) But I actually saw potential in GSD. I was hooked. What else could I conclude from the fact that I was checking Gunota blog almost daily for possible spoilers to future episodes. Or searching for the episode summary for the latest episode before I could watch it (bad idea). Stellar was an interesting character, they could have done more with her pairing with Shinn. But they killed her off. Things picked up again when Shinn defeated Kira piloting the Freedom. I actually thought, hey, maybe this could surpass Gundam Wing, my favorite Gundam series. But it was not to be. They actually had the perfect villain in Dullindal, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have to admit, the original Gundam Seed’s ending was way better than the GSD ending. I actually would like to rewrite a lot of things, like the unoriginal first episode and the last few episodes.

#2 Work in an X-Men movie.

Ok so this is not anime. But I got hooked to the X-Men cartoons that aired in the 90s (forget Evolution it’s crap with a mutated storyline). I have no idea what job I would be doing, but as an X-Men fan I want to be there when cameras roll for a fight scene, or I could also be doing the special effects! Or maybe write the story itself too! And this was way before the first X-Men movie came to the big screen.

#1 Make a sequel to SDF Macross.

I figured, if I get super rich, I’d finance a sequel to the original Macross series. I want more Misa Hayase (but less of Minmay). I want a more responsible Hikaru. I could write new adventures and new enemies (Do not think Macross 7. It is a bad example.). It would be better animated, but my problem would be the songs/music I guess. With Macross, music is important.

Well, I guess that’s all. My eyes are tired now, it’s time to sleep. Ja.

Edit: Darn another booboo. Fixed the link to Gunota.


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