Macross: Ai Oboeteimasu ka

I was a little surprised by the deviation from the story in the original series. But I’m not complaining. I’m quite happy actually, as a Misa Hayase fan.

There’s more instrumental music here, but I would have preferred more songs. Also, this time the fights are more bloody–more blood comes out when Zentraedi are shot, when Focker dies, even Milia gets shot by Max.

Cruel Milia

Also, Misa and Hikaru get to kiss, not once, not twice, but thrice! (That’s if my count’s accurate.) They get more screen time together, mostly when they landed at the barren and wasted planet that was Earth. With no survivors found, Misa is so down. Until they find the remains of the alien city. Hikaru sees Misa in a different light. I think it’s one of the best parts of the movie.

Focker and Milia

The other one was the slap by Hikaru on Minmay! Yeah, she really deserved it. It was very selfish of her to hold on to Hikaru and not mind the plight of other people. Minmay wakes up and does the right thing in the end (which of course is to sing to defeat the Zentraedi). I like the Hikaru I saw in this one.

Minmay gets it

Over-all, I do like this one, even if the story deviates a bit. Though in the end where Britai and Exedol turn on Bodol was not that convincing. But it’s a movie I guess, not enough time to tackle a lot. But still it’s great to watch.

Misa and Hikaru


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