First Impressions: Turn A Gundam


Fran Doll, Keith, and Loran Cehack are members of the Moon Race–humans who live on the moon. They are sent on a mission to infiltrate Earth and do observation. Loran goes to Vicinity, where he becomes a driver for the Heim family. While Loran is attending the Coming of Age Ceremony in Vicinity, the Moon Race attack Earth. During the attack, the White Doll where Loran and Sochie Heim stand on crumbles and a white mobile suit with a beard is revealed.


Halfway through the first episode, I was wondering “Where’s the Gundam? Where’s the Gundam?” It appears much later, however (in episode 2). And by that time I’d concluded well, throw all usual expectations for a Gundam show out the window because this one is another kind of beast. =p


The mobile suits this time are sorely lacking on the aesthetics side. The animation isn’t impressive. But with this, my expectations for a good story and focus on characters are high. But the music? The opening and ending would probably put me to sleep. So probably no memorable tunes from this show for me.

Turn A Gundam

I was also surprised that Loran is actually kind of a smooth liar, playing both sides so easily. It was also kind of stupid where the Moon Race burned cities and that still wasn’t war yet? You go into negotiations and you allow weapons to be freely used? Your boss is killed, you capture an enemy soldier and you lecture that soldier on following their superiors’ orders? Huh?

More Action

But I do hope I finish this one.


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  1. I’ve recently finished Turn A Gundam. I do not have anything bad to say about it. Oh, except the Opening and Ending are complete trash, I’m not into whatever genre that is. Anyways, asides from that, fantastic series. Extremely character driven, which is a good thing there wasn’t a single character I hated by the end of this series. Loran is a great main lead, even though not quick to anger, he is very reasonable and humble. You just can’t hate him. Honestly you watch Turn A for some real good developed characters, and a really damn good ending.

  2. I watched and finished Turn A Gundam on about one and half months ago and I must also agree that the music wasn’t that good, but the story was. For once, not all the mobile suits looked perfectly humanoid or whatever. They had their own kind of UFO type alien design in a way. It intrigued me greatly. At first I thought that because of its shape, the Turn A Gundam would be able to change into a UFO, but I was disappointed when I found it couldn’t. It was an awesome series though with a complete Epilogue and a beautiful ending.

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