New look, updates, and some


So I got tired of the Contempt theme. The letters were quite big and was a dead giveaway the author was a nearsighted blogger (ouch). The new header image is awful though, but that’s the most I could do anyway. It sucks to have mediocre design skills.

The Melancholy of a School Rumble Fan. For some time now, Wannabe Fansub’s site has been out of commission. For someone whose understanding of the Japanese language is severely limited, fansubs are my prime source of anime right now. And this is one reason for the boring menu of anime that I’ve been consuming for the past few weeks (the only bright spot being Ouran). Of course there are other subs out there, but some insert distracting and annoying pics, and the rest are Spanish subs. I’m tempted to try the Spanish subs, but my understanding of Spanish is limited to ‘Buenas dias’, ‘Buenas Tardes’, ‘Hijo de p—!’, and Rafael Nadal. Sigh.

<Pats self on the back> Taihen desu ne.

New anime. I might blog Innocent Venus and FLAG, since I’m a sucker for mecha anime. Then maybe Honey and Clover II, if I don’t get to do overtime again in the coming weeks. Now for the list/info of new anime, I’m too lazy to do my own coverage. Head to Google or Anime Nano and search for info on the upcoming shows.

Lastly, updates. Finally put some pics in Macross: Ai Oboeteimasu ka and First Impressions: Turn A Gundam.


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