Jyu Oh Sei Episode 11 (END)


Thor and company arrive at Hecate. However, a surprise is waiting for them, as deadly plants from Chimaera greet them, obviously being used as biological warfare to prevent access to Valkyrie. No worries though, as Thor once again shows off his talent for killing Verasonas. But another menace greets them: the frozen Jyu Ohs that have been revived. Again, Thor saves the day by killing those still lying around before they are revived. Loki tries to stop Thor from destroying the samples but instead gets a punch from Thor. This time Thor launches into a declamation mode, when thankfully he is interrupted by Valkyrie’s projection. It is then revealed that Earth no longer exists. Heiza (Third) is devastated. Thor grabs his hair though, and Heiza recovers for a while.

However, the access code doesn’t work with Valkyrie anymore, and the balls that would terraform Chimaera can no longer be stopped. It is then decided to just destroy Valkyrie. This would activate emergency measures, and the amazing race to the heliport commences.

At Chimaera, Zagi and Tiz converse on topics like ships and friendships when a would be assassin takes aim at Zagi. Tiz takes the shot, and unbelievably she and Zagi fall into the crack made by the earthquakes.

Back at Hecate, another Verasona trims down the participants to the amazing race to the heliport. First to go are the extras, then Loki at last sacrifices himself and makes up for the idiotic flip flopping on playing God earlier with the Jyu Ohs. His consolation prize is a date with the Verasona.

Again, back to Chimaera. Tiz and Zagi find themselves in the same situation as Thor and Karim earlier in episode 8. Tiz dies in Zagi’s arms, and we are later enlightened to the weird shooting location as Zagi discovers the Musa’s roots that have stopped the out of control balls.

Tiz and Zagi

Switch back to Hecate. Heiza and Thor try to open the door when a rumble causes Heiza to slip. Thor grabs him, but Heiza shoots himself so that Thor could go on the heliport. At the heliport, Thor has a hallucination regarding Tiz, but our hero is rescued this time, to have a conversation with Odin.

Thor grabs Third

The scene changes back to Chimaera, where Chen rescues a girl from another vicious plant. Thor makes his grand reappearance, and this time he sports black hair and a darker skin, which makes him look like the former Third. He approaches the child, and as she has no name, names her Tiz.

Little Tiz

My thoughts:

Ok, I’m disappointed with the death of Tiz. However, with the way Thor looked at the end of the show, Tiz probably would want to stay dead anyway. But the way she died was quite lame. And then what happened to Zagi? And that conversation with Odin was quite useless.

The way Jyu Oh Sei ended was not impressive. It’s just an average ending. I’ll just remember this as another sci-fi anime. But I had fun with the screen shots and summaries though.

Series Rating: 3.5/5. (A little higher than Fate/Stay Night, since there’s no annoying character here to hate.)


9 thoughts on “Jyu Oh Sei Episode 11 (END)

  1. samantha

    yi really didn’t like d ending…….Tiz and Third dying and all…….they took d story so well and in d end they spoilt it……..wat kinda a ending was that?
    wat happened 2 Zagi….wer did he go?
    how did Thor’s skin become dark?
    and y d hell did he have 2 dye his hair black?

    1. Jason

      With regard to the ending.. dark skin is easy as noted in a previous episode: Thor’s body changes to adapt.. hence his initial look-a-like with his “mother’s” boilogical child. As far as liking the ending.. I gotta go with Um No. Quite the letdown with such an awesome series; however, you have to hand it to the Japanese as they really know how to make love tragic!

  2. Mitra

    Hohoho, did anyone notice that in the english dub, when they were discussing about ships and friendships (lol!) Tiz says that zagi is thor’s one true friend yada yada, and he goes : That’s where Thor and I differ. I could never win the love of a naive fool like you.

    Now I’ve been wondering about the dubbing, because in the Animax dub, zagi says : You’re in love with a man who is in love with the woman (karim) I love, or some confusing stuff like that.

    What was the english dub telling exactly?? 😕

  3. cx

    Well all in all the first 5 eps were good after that it felt like they cut out all the middle character development. thor went from a stubborn but smart and unique lead to some generic mellow lead without any good reasoning for it. And seriously in those four years he didn’t knockup tiz the only female for miles and who wants to do him. :p

    Found this site while trying to trackdown the manga hopefully its not a rushed mess in the end like this.

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