First Impressions: Binbou Shimai Monogatari


*This is a Project Raw summary.

Kyou and Asou are sisters living on their own. Kyou is 15, and Asou is not yet 9. In this episode, Kyou, the eldest wakes up early to go out to work. She leaves Asou a letter, which reads:

Good morning Asou! The fireworks festival is today. Enjoy!  Looking forward to it!

After Asou prepares breakfast, she drops some coins into a piggy bank. She imagines enjoying the fireworks festival together with her sister, and eating food too. After breakfast, Asou asks to go out. Kyou asks her why, but Asou replies ‘You’ll know later.’ After Asou is gone however, Kyou’s attentions are turned to the piggy bank.

Asou actually goes out to check out the stalls for the fireworks festival. She draws a map of the stalls and some info about them. However, when she goes back home, she finds the piggy bank lying on a table, and empty at that.

Meanwhile, Kyou has actually gone out to get something. When she comes back, Asou is sitting on the floor, and Kyou wonders why the lights are off. After turning on the lights, she shows Asou her present. It is a yukata, so that Asou could wear it to the fireworks festival. Asou asks if she bought it with the money from the piggy bank, and when Kyou answers yes she drops the yukata to the floor. Asou then declares she won’t wear it. Kyou’s attempt to make her go fails and Asou takes the yukata and yells ‘Onechan no baka!’ As Asou flees she leaves behind the map she made earlier.

As it rains, Kyou remembers the time when she went home as it was raining too. Finding Asou still not home, she takes two umbrellas and heads out to fetch Asou. She finds Asou safe and dry at the school.

Meanwhile Asou actually goes to the place where Kyou got the yukata. The lady explains Kyou’s side to Asou. Asou then remembers the time when Kyou went to fetch her when it rained. That time she had actually forgotten her umbrella. Asou then realizes her mistake. She goes home wearing the yukata. However, Kyou is not there anymore.

Kyou is actually at the fireworks festival looking for Asou. She tries to enjoy the festival too, but realizes it is meaningless without Asou. The man (I couldn’t get his name) whom Asou talked to earlier calls out to Kyou (so he’s probably an acquaintance). From him, Kyou learns that Asou was there earlier in the day to investigate the stalls at the festival. She then realizes what the map Asou left earlier was for. She then hurries to look for Asou. Meanwhile, Asou is also looking for Kyou at the festival. She shouts, Kyou hears her, and goes to higher ground so that Asou could find her. Asou does, and the sisters finally enjoy the fireworks festival together.

The next day, as Kyou goes out to do her usual rounds, Asou tells her she wants to work too. But Kyou tells her not to worry about money, as she (Kyou) will try her best. But then Asou tells her what she really wants: that Kyou not go away and leave her. And Kyou assures her she won’t go anywhere.

My thoughts:

I actually understood most of the dialog, yay! I couldn’t understand much of what the sisters’ mother was narrating though. And that part about their father. So make that Project Raw’s first foray a success!

Now on to the story. Actually, I think that unless more characters wlll be added later, just revolving around the two sisters would become boring in the long haul. The animation is ok though. The opening and ending songs are acceptable. But I still would have to see 2 more episodes to see if I will follow this series to the end.

As for my summary, if any of my translations/assumptions are incorrect please feel free to comment. I’ll try to take criticism constructively this time, as I’m treading on unchartered waters figuratively. Thanks for reading!

Hmm, pics to follow tommorow. By then I’m hoping my DSL connection will be back to its normal speed.


  1. Error no 1:  I mistook mada as not yet when it fact it means that Asou is still 9 years old.  An important lesson learned.  (Update 12.09.2006)
  2. I didn’t get the part where it is narrated that the poor sisters’ father was a gambler, and that he’d left them.  (Update 12.09.2006)

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