Genocyber and the end of innocence


While browsing my favorite torrent source I came across Genocyber. Somebody has actually re-released this OVA and it brings back memories of the early days of my fascination with anime.

Back then, VHS was still king. Anime, hentai, yuri–these words were alien to me then. I thought ALL cartoons were for kids, regardless of where they were made. Until Genocyber came along.

Since the video store where we rented had a lot of cartoon stuff, usually I’d get one for myself and I actually didn’t mind that I had no idea what it would be all about. There where actually no tags like PG13 or R18 on the tapes, and on one fateful day I picked up one titled Genocyber. It shattered the image of cartoons as wholesome, at least for me. Fortunately, I had eaten before I viewed this one, or else I would have lost my appetite and have had difficulty concentrating on enjoying my meal.

The Birth of Genocyber. This was the one that I saw. If I remember right, Elena was the last of a set of twins born. She was actually part of some experiment whose name I don’t recall anymore. Anyway the building where they were located blew up, and she ended up on the streets. However, she possessed great powers and some goons actually go after her. And the bloodfest begins.

Shocking 3D effects and animation. Humans here actually became nothing less than pieces of meat. There was this hospital scene (if I remember correctly), where this person has his head severed, and one by the one the nerves just snap as his/her head goes sideways. Yuck. But the real shockers were the 3D animations. An insect going at somebody’s brain. A trip through intestinal mazes. Gouging eyes. All in 3D. I actually had to look away a lot of times, and for months the images were stuck in my head. And up until that time, Dragonball Z was the most violent anime I’d seen. You could say I was a little traumatized by that experience.

After that, I learned my lesson, and I became more picky in what I watched or rented. And yes, that innocence lost, was gone forever.


2 responses

  1. Genocyber was one of the first “real” anime i saw too, although i had quite a different reaction. I had seen Urisakidoji beforehand, but i remember thinking it was just a lame excuse too get as much hentai as possible into an anime without actually nameing it as such.

    Genocyber is true art, it had no narcasistic subtext or sexual motivation it was simply there. too me it was just someones opinion of the world as a whole. Therefore the scenes of violence, although shocking, were not simply positioned for shock value. More as an awakening. It screamed these actions, although metaphorical, are happening too the world and you cant stop it.

    At any rate, i’d like too thank you for reminding me of Genocyber. After five years I had forgotten what influenced me as a child. I do however hope you are not too “picky” in choosing what you decide too watch . I have seen alot of modern expressions of art, and few if any, are free from there degeneracies that most people cannot look past and see the beuty underneath.

  2. I admit the 3D animation was a piece of work. However, I don’t have the stomach for such violence, and maybe never will. But I do hope that the influence it has on you is not negative. It’s not real, it shouldn’t spill over to real life. And about the picky part, I do choose what I watch now, and do my research before I see it. No ultraviolent cartoons for me.