Honey and Clover II: Episode 01

So, episode 1 was like a recap of the entire season 1 after all. It might be a disappointment to those expecting something else, but it might be quite useful for those who haven’t seen season 1.

Takemoto is narrating in this one. We see significant events that happened from season 1. And the opening is actually less ‘weird’ than the opening for season one. I think the season 1 opening was more amusing. At the end of the show we see Takemoto getting his driver’s license.

Well, I won’t be complaining about the recaps here. I’m just happy that Honey and Clover II has started, and that the sub is out. I’m now looking forward to episode 2.

Well no pics for this one.  Tonight I actually had my first bowling session for 2006 and I need to catch up on sleep now.  Ja!


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