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Earlier this year, way before I got my own blog, I wrote some brief anime reviews for my officemate who downloaded too much anime and couldn’t watch them all immediately. You could say there were my first ever batch of first impressions. Some are dismissive, and I’m posting them here with only a few edits.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

After 8 minutes of watching I was about to turn it off, then I changed my mind and decided to give it a chance. At the end, however, I was asking myself, where was the story heading to? Hayase is a swimmer on their school swimming team and she has this younger friend, Suzumiya. Now this Suzumiya has a crush on Hayase’s classmate, Takayuki. With Hayase’s help, Suzumiya is able to finally ask Takayuki to go out with her. Well, at first I thought this anime had potential. It’s so mushy it’s a turn-off.

Honey and Clover

At first I was confused as to who the main character was, but in the end it was so funny it didn’t matter at all. It’s a school setting where our main character is studying an art course. The only weird thing about this anime was its weird opening. It was probably both computer generated and some real objects–taking the form of food. Some of it I thought was yucky, but putting aside that strange opening, this anime might be worth some of our time. =)

Fafner in the Azure Right of Left

Humanity is fighting enemies called Festums. At first I thought the main characters were Yumi and Ryou. They’re kids at this place called Tatsumiya Island. The island is where some top secret new technology was being developed to ultimately defeat the Festums. When Yumi’s father dies, she decides to join this so-called Plan L that is supposed to deceive the Festums from learning about their island. Ryou, the sickly one, is also chosen as a pilot for the robot fighters called Fafners. These machines were developed to fight the Festums. Though they’re quite powerful than the jet fighters showcased at the beginning of the show, there is a twist to their use though. I won’t tell though it’s one of the source of their problems.

From the characters in the show I thought I saw some resemble the Gundam Seed Destiny pilots Shin Asuka and Athrun Zala. Or maybe I just watched too much Gundam. The anime has some potential, but I was disappointed that Yumi and Ryou died in the end. When we finally get to know the characters, they die on us in the end. Just who is supposed to be the main character (or characters) now? The story is interesting, but I don’t think it will hold our imagination for long if characters keep on dying.

Note: I didn’t know then this was a prequel to the Fafner in the Azure series, and at that time I didn’t see the need for researching anything. Forgive my ignorance on this one.


I couldn’t finish this one, but as the title suggests it has something to do with magic and stuff. I think it’s for children really, not much for us grown-ups in it. Unless you really dig magical stuff.

Okay, I’m expecting violent reactions from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien fans, but please, no excessively abusive comments. Dozo yorushiku onegaishimasu!


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  1. I don’t think Magikano is watchable by children due to the large amount of fan-service. It’s basically harem love comedy with lots of dirty(and really funny) jokes.

  2. “I couldn’t finish this one, but as the title suggests it has something to do with magic and stuff. I think it’s for children really, not much for us grown-ups in it. Unless you really dig magical stuff.”

    Actually, it isn’t meant for children at all. It’s a comedy-series which uses fanservice as a large base for the jokes. It’s a horribly wrong show, though horribly funny at the same time. 😉

  3. I thought Magikano was for children, really…

    But then again after watching the first episode I couldn’t be bothered with things like knowing more about the show…

    Thanks for clearing that up. Anyway, as I said, this was my first try at reviews, and I put them up here just for my amusement (and maybe somebody’s too). It’s like a fun trip down memory lane, when I was saying blah3x just like that. (Ok so I was just amused at the way I looked at Honey and Clover back then.)

  4. @stripey

    I may have missed out on something by dropping Kimi. But back then I couldn’t see what was so good about it. If I got a smaller backlog (and if the torrents are still there) I might pick this one up again.

  5. *wondering how to start flaming*
    No, not really. But as Stripey said, end of the second episode is where the good part begins, before that it’s not too amazing.

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