O FLAG, where hast thy raws gone?


I just saw the FLAG trailer shared at YouTube. The quality isn’t that good, but I still had to watch. I just wanted to see some mechs, ok??!! =p

Our heroine?

The main character seems to be a female war photographer, but maybe you can surmise from my opening sentences that I’m not interested in this anime just because the lead is a female photographer.

Front View

From the screen time it garnered, it seems that the main mech is called High Agility Versatile Weapon Carrier (if I read it right, not so readable at all). Though I don’t know why it has high agility, since it seems like it takes its time to transform. The front view above looks ugly though.

Top View

And like a Transformer, it starts out as some kind of land-based vehicle then transforms into humanoid form.


It must be land-based since it’s not shown it can fly on its own, and it attaches to a plane for air transport.


However, it looks similar to the mechs from Macross in Gerwalk mode, sans the wings. Even the head gear’s shape is similar to the ones used by pilots in SDF Macross. I can’t say the mech’s CG animation is excellent though. But I’m still drooling.

Anyway about the narration, I dunno, I couldn’t understand much of it. The sentences were too complex for my simple mind to understand. It’s got to be promotional blah3x anyway. But the music is good, it made me energized and want more. But it’s too bad there are no raws for this series. It just makes me feel I missed a lot if don’t see this one. Ok, I meant I’ll miss on some mecha action. But if nothing changes, I guess this will be the only post I’ll be making about FLAG.

Note: I first saw the trailer on YouTube, but when I got home miraculously my DSL connection speed has gone back to normal. And you know what came next, snatched the torrent. I am so relieved.


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