Binbou Shimai Monogatari: Episode 2


*Project Raw

I swear, I was trying very hard to listen to the dialogue. But I sensed a distracting pattern. Maybe it’s because there are no subtitles to read. I’ll try to write a proper summary (if ever I do), after I’m finished poring through all of my Shin Nihongo No Kiso books. Right now I’ll just post these pics and some descriptions.

It is raining, and the poor sisters are holed up in their room with water leaking from the roof. They are gripped in fear (presumably). Was this supposed to be a comedic moment? I dunno. But it turns out, it was actually just an old man (the landlord, I’m guessing here) collecting payment.

Holed up

Anyway fast forward and Mr. Old Guy doesn’t come at the usual time. The next the day the girls celebrate by getting wet. They are noisy, and some new character pops up to quiet them down. From this lady the girls learn that Mr. Old Guy is in the hospital.

Hosing fub

So they decide to visit him, and actually bring him an apple to eat. I thought one visit would have been fine though, but they visit again several times. And yeah, they give him a melon too. These poor sisters really have a lot of time in their hands. What a lucky old man.


Some other unnecessary stuff happen, like a vendor giving them some meat. Maybe it was to underscore how poor they were.


And little Asou, what are you doing???!! (A massage =p)

Old man and Asou

Anyway, to make the story end Mr. Old Guy gets out of the hospital, and our sisters? Getting more lovey-dovey. Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Another hug

Anyway, I think they did the hugging thing more than twice in this episode. It’s creepy. I wonder what they’re gonna do next in episode 3. More hugging, perhaps? @_@


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  1. At least hugging is free. =) Sometimes I wonder if authors add purposely things that normal love between sisters barely cover to keep shoujo ai audience happy. I don’t know about sisters, but brothers for sure don’t do things like that. =)

  2. It’s the blushing that gets me, it’s like that have that illness where your blood vessels in your face are overactive! I think they’ll burst. Still a v. cute anime though.

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