Some Raruto notes


I just finished chapter 3 of Raruto, and in case you missed these:

  • Some programming code was written on the scroll written by Naruto. If you search println, it points you to the Java programming language. Though I’m not sure if it is really Java since the syntax is incorrect, but maybe the author was just putting in a mix of code without regard to the programming language.
  • Sharinflan — since in the glossary the writer doesn’t get, my own interpretation would be it’s a parody relating to leche flan. Yes, it’s food. And coupled with the fact that it is associated with the Kuchilla (which means blade) clan, it is a joke that Spaniards and Spanish-speaking people would get. It is a culinary thing.

And if you haven’t read chapter 3 yet, prepare the Naruto OST for playback. Though I don’t have the OST, so I guess I might have missed some of the fun.

Addendum:  I just associated the flan with leche flan, since I’m familiar with that type. 


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  1. It actually has no relation with flan. I thought the same as you at first, but Jesulink himself told me that he just chose that name for no reason.

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