Honey and Clover II: Episode 02


Hagu and Rika get hiccups!!

It was really fun watching all those methods proposed to stop hiccups. I was baffled because I thought all you had to do was to just drink lots of water. And here comes Honey and Clover episode 2. I was thinking, what a stupid way to stop hiccups! But since the methods worked, it’s strangeness is gone. And that’s the reason it gets passed on. Now on to the more serious stuff.

In my latest rankings, I mentioned that Honey and Clover’s status is hanging. Well, if future episodes keep up the quality, yeah, at the end of the year I’ll be splitting hairs on whether Ouran High School Host Club or Honey and Clover II should be on top of my favorite anime list for 2006.

Now back to Earth. In the first part of the episode, we are treated to the spectacle of poor Hagu having a hiccup, being made to perform two of the strangest antidotes to hiccups that I have ever seen, and Morita’s exxagerated claim that you die of hiccups after your 100th hiccup. (Or is there some truth to that?) It ends with Takemoto finally saving Hagu from Morita and ending her hiccup. After Hagu thanks him and leaves, he remembers the night he told Hagu his feelings. He observes that she has been avoiding him, and I feel it’s only natural that Hagu does that. I mean that from the point of view of a girl. If somebody says something like that, I wouldn’t want to encourage him by getting more close to him, especially if there’s somebody else I like.

The next ‘part’ of the show covers the Rika-Mayama-Yamada love triangle. Yamada has been working with Rika, and while eating with Rika she wonders what Rika and Mayama talk about. It leads her to ask questions, and the conclusions that she makes from the answers she gets only serves to underscore the fact that her chances with Yamada are dangerously close to nil.

As for Rika, she’s one lucky gal, although Mayama’s prescription for hiccups is also strange (for me, because it involves putting sugar in water). After Rika hears Mayama say “See. It stopped.”, she remembers her dead husband saying the same thing. Now I’m really excited. Will she fully develop feelings for Mayama? Poor Yamada.

For me, the loca Morita’s scenes are the best here. His advice to Yamada, that she should go work with them (Mayama and Rika) if that’s what will take for her to get over Mayama, is probably the best advice. I could imagine Yamada dying a little everyday, seeing the two together. But hopefully, that may get her to accept the reality. Now this gets me to thinking of revising my Why I Love Honey and Clover post. The serious side of Morita should be given more acknowledgement. He probably sees the world with more clearer eyes than any of the characters from Honey and Clover. Just maybe.


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