Honey, Venus, and a question to readers


A new format for blogging per episode. As Honey and Clover gets a revered status in this blog, the format for blogging it would be different from what I did with Jyu Oh Sei or Binbou Shimai Monogatari. As I’ve noticed, I tend to put a lot of effort into the summary, and after the summary I end up tired from all that typing and taking screen shots I just manage only a few impressions of my own. Of course I would still mention what happens, it’s just that my commentary would be entwined within the paragraphs. It will probably be easier this way, at least for me.

Bye bye, Innocent Venus? I posted a while back my eagerness to blog this one, but as my schedule’s been getting tight lately (I even had to wait for 12+ hours after the dl finished before I could watch Honey and Clover!), I might only be able to get to the first impressions part. But if Innocent Venus turns out to be some really really cool anime with a really serious plot then maybe I’d rethink.

Darn, Bimbo, er, Binbou Shimai Monogatari. When I featured the NANA mp3 player a long time ago, I said I wouldn’t be buying mp3 players. Well, I just bought one. No, not the NANA Gigabeat. Some cheapo mp3 player. But why? So I could listen to the Binbou dialogue at work. I just have to convert the episode into AMV, and voila! I get my BSM fix. The video quality isn’t that good though, and the screen is very small. But at least the audio output is ok. I am such a sucker. I hope it lasts for a year though.

Neon Genesis Evangelion? I have *cough* acquired *cough* episodes of this mecha anime. I haven’t seen much about it, so I’m watching this. It’s old anime, so to those who’ve been reading my blog every once in a while, should I blog about it or not? Or would you flame me for being such a mecha addict? =p

Anyway I plan on text-only views about each episode, and not really summaries. I’ll present the point of view an anime fan who has been brainwashed with Macross and Gundam. =)


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  1. I wouldn’t mind you blogging about NGE, since I’m still doubting if I should *cough* acquire *cough* the series myself =)

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