Cute Proxy, Welcome to the NHK!


*First Impressions. This is going to be one awful post.

My first impression was like, wow! Is Tatsuhiro Satou a schizophrenic? Our main guy has been noticing his head’s acting a little funny. And then he asks if it’s because he’s only sleeping 6 hours a day. What?! Am I gonna turn out like that if I sleep just 6 hours a day? He has these hallucinations and dreams and blames the NHK for the conspiracy to get him. But I get the creeps too since I’ve been getting less sleep nowadays. And suddenly, I also hear voices in my head…

Cute Proxy: What’s with the blue thingy? Is he like a mascot for Downy?

Guardian Devil: No, it’s a conspiracy. They just want to sell you stuffed toys. Remember your craving for a Kon stuffed toy?

Guardian Angel: Maybe you should stop watching this. You’re already an anime otaku. You could turn into a NEET too!!

Moments later…

Cute Proxy: Oh my God!! It’s a mas-u-bating NUN!! Is this p®0n??!! I can’t be watching this!!

Guardian Devil: Oh come on!! You watch Strawberry Panic! This is gonna be peanuts!

Guardian Angel: First, you watch SP, then you take up Bimbo, er Binbou Shimai Monogatari! And now this?! As if you don’t have a large backlog already!

Cute Proxy: No, wait. I’m still waiting for the Gundam to appear…

Fuming Blog Reader: $#@t!!! ばか! ばか! ばか!

Ok, enough with that. This is how crazy NHK is, I’m starting to fear it’s gonna be infectious lol. Satou’s life as a NEET/hikikomori is disturbed one day by an old lady and a girl named Misaki. This is the incident that pushes our guy to do something. At the end Misaki takes on the task of curing/saving Satou. Yeah, that’s the summary.

Now this anime is definitely not for everyone. It’s a like a ride in a mental rollercoaster. (Is there really a term called mental rollercoaster? Maybe I made that up.) It is just weird and funny at the same time. I feel this anime is definitely not good for a marathon session. So I’ll be watching this every week, but maybe I have to watch Ouran afterwards to counteract any lasting mental effects, ha!

Anyway, the real reason I’ll be watching this is because it’s about NEET and hikikomori. Though it might be a disturbing/unnerving/uncomfortable experience at times, I’m curious still. Maybe because I get reminded of Hugh Grant’s character in the movie About A Boy, though Satou is not filthy rich, and doesn’t actively seek out girls and join clubs for single parents. Well he’s one big liar too, which kind of reminded me of Holden (when Satou goes into Misaki’s shop). But then if the story gets too depressing/disturbing for me, I’m gonna drop it like I did with RAY (the animation).

And that blue thingy is not cute. I just want to wring his neck!!


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  1. If i heard correctly, I think the 6 hours was a trans error. It should be 16 hours. That’ll make sense. Most people in ant asia sleep about 5-6 hours.

  2. Ant asia? I don’t get the ant part.

    Yeah, when I read the other posts on NHK I was wondering why they say 16 hours when the translation by the sub was 6 hours.

    Bad, bad subbers. =p

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  4. You should watch this series or perish in your ignominy. LOL. I was quite an acrimonious critic at first, but then everything clicked and I discovered that I was the one who had to change his perspective. This may be the best realistic social-commentary anime of the year. It’s among the few series I care to blog occasionally. It helps that its OP and 2nd ED are made of uber-WIN and uber-AWESOME.

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