Binbou Shimai Monogatari 03: Lessons, lessons

*Project Raw

I’ve been thinking for some time, what is the purpose of BSM? What can we get out of this anime? And then, episode 3 comes along. Yes, sirs! This episode teaches us lessons! Now without further ado, on to our class on this subject called Life.

Lesson #1. When there’s a sale, don’t be late.

Asou is poring over a leaflet for a sale. When Kyou returns, she shows her the notice for a sale of Japanese radish. They head over to the store, however a lot of women are already there. Being small, Asou is able to go through the crowd, but as she reaches for the last radish somebody else snatches it away. They find out a girl about Asou’s size has gotten to it first. The sisters are disappointed, however their spirits are raised when they learn about 100 grams of pork being sold for 88 yen.

Chanting sisters

Lesson #2. Giving is good, but don’t give your food to just any brat.

The next day, as Asou hurries to the store, she recognizes the small girl from yesterday. She is actually from the class next door. But when they get to the store only one item is left. Asou remembers their annoying chant, so she doesn’t let go. However, little girl cries and Asou takes her hands off the pork. But a grown up lady then snatches it. Little girl blames Asou for the incident, and Asou takes her home.

However, Kyou has already bought the pork on sale too, unbeknownst to Asou. Kyou has learned lesson #1 well, but Asou asks Kyou to give the meat to the little girl out of compassion. In the end, Kyou gives in and they escort the little girl back home. Imagine their surprise when a big house greets them! The even bigger surprise is that the little girl just feeds the meat they gave her to their pet crocodile!!

The croc

Lesson #3. When you fail, admit it and try again.

Our little girl thinks she can appease her elder sister with the meat from the poor sisters. However, her elder sister was actually at the store and spying on her, and knew that she actually didn’t get to buy any meat at all. Her sister drags her off. At night, little Rinko/Ginko(?) looks at another leaflet, and this is for carrots that can be had for 3 pieces at 50 yen. And Asou isn’t slacking off either. She points out the same carrot sale to Kyou.

The sisters

Lesson #4. When grabbing carrots, grab the body, not the leafy part.

Asou and Ginko race to the sale. Little Ginko is a little faster this time, however, she only gets the the greeny leafy part from the carrots on sale. Both her and Asou sit with long faces. Ginko’s big sister is there spying again too, she talks with Kyou, then leaves.

Lesson #5. An apology is the best policy.

Our little Ginko apologizes to her sister for failing to acquire carrots. But our big sister acts cooler this time, and doesn’t drag off poor little Ginko. And yes, our ending scene is another hugging sequence, with petal effects. @_@

I like this episode better than episode 2. The hugging is still there, I guess that won’t go away. Maybe the eternally blushing cheeks won’t go away too. And some important dialogue seemed to have slipped by me, so I can’t understand Ginko’s sister’s intentions that much. Those in the know, maybe you could tell me? =)

3 episodes down, 7 more to go! Next week, I might be in for another tough dialogue sequence. Their female neighbor is gonna show up again.


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