Honey and Clover II: Episode 03


Nomiya: 3 Pogi Points!!!

The confession

Unicorns: 2 Unicorn Points!!

Mayama: -1


So, Nomiya finally professes love for Yamada. I was actually thinking maybe that would come later than sooner, but I guess he couldn’t have any other good timing. It’s gotten more interesting now, and the Honey and Clover train is now at full steam!!

But what I’m worried about is Rika. She says something to the effect that she might want to die (or kill herself?) after completing that last project that she and her husband did not complete. It would be sad then, but some feelings will never change, I guess. Is a tragedy in the offing?


On the brighter side, yes, the unicorns guarding Yamada were quite a surprise. =p


It’s not to say the unicorns were the only source of light moments here. It’s just that Rika was always at the back of my mind with what she said. I dunno, I can’t seem to put into words what I feel. Maybe I should say poor Mayama, then.


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