Say what? Ergo Proxy and some lyrical fun


*I’m been posting seriously lately, and I’m getting bored. Yes, some nonsense should get me back on track. =p

You deplete my strength




My stomach whines inside of me




You deplete my strength



My hunger grows all day

Common denominator!


Please refill my plate



Please refill my plate



Come and feed me

Cool Pino!


Come and feed me

The End


Come and feed me…

*I said something like doing something in a previous post and this is it. It’s just only now that I was finally able to complete this. If you haven’t noticed, the non-opening pics are from episode 16 and 19. The day after watching the raws I got a monstrous headache. Must be because I could only understand like 5% of the dialogue per episode. Now the WOWOW site lists only 21 episodes, so this series will end soon. I hope the ending’s not crappy, because there’d be nobody I can choke if it does. But for my consolation prize, School Rumble Ni-Gakki episode 10 from my fave fansub is now out. 🙂

Addendum: ANN lists 23 episodes. I hope the last 3 episodes will not suck.


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