Binbou Shimai Monogatari 04: OMG, petals galore!


*Project Raw

So basically the focus here is on the poor sisters’ lack of parental guidance lol. Asu throws away the invitation(?) for this school activity where the students read a piece and then their parents watch. Kyou sees this paper and worries about what to wear when she attends this activity.

The next day, Kyou sees a wallet in the compound where they live. I don’t know why, but the sisters really never bothered to peek inside and search for an identification card. They got carried away by the sight of money, and evil thoughts of eating a cake and other delicious food to buying a dress for Kyou to wear at the reading activity came to the poor sisters.

Evil sisters

But the wallet actually belongs to their neighbor, whose-name-I-do-not-know. While searching for it she sees Asu walking away with it, follows her, and demands it back. And yeah, Ms. Neighbor had to tell her to look at the ID inside the wallet for proof of ownership. Asu gives it back, and Ms. Neighbor treats her to some delicious food. But before she could feast on the food before her, Asu is stricken with thoughts of her sister not being able to eat the good food before her too. So she ends up bringing them home as take-out.

Kyou is happy, and goes to thank Ms. Neighbor. As if the food treat wasn’t enough, she also asks if she could borrow some suits. Ms Neighbor remembers Asu’s lament about not having their mom with them, and she agrees to lend Kyou some. But alas, why is her room so untidy? Is she an otaku or what? Her room looks worse than than the room of NHK ni Youkoso’s Satou!

Dirty room

Well, a suitable suit is found, but it’s not important since Kyou doesn’t wear it anyway. Maybe this sequence was inserted just to let us have a peek at Ms Neighbor’s dirty room lol. But I dunno about the manga, I don’t read them anyway.

Make over

To make the long story short Kyou attends the reading activity–in her school uniform.

Now the hugging seems to have subsided, and I have found a new pet peeve–that pinkish background of floating petals! Is that really necessary? I think they’re overusing it. Does this happen in the manga too? Manga isn’t in color, so maybe I should check it out, some day.

I really can’t point it out why, but I seem to like episode 3 the best. Maybe it’s because of the competition between Asu and Ginko. This one is like, yeah right why should we care? Perhaps more tension is needed in this series, this slice of life story feels so ordinary I don’t feel any sympathy for the characters at all.


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