Black Lagoon Revisited


Tadaima! I’m back, and my self-imposed exile didn’t last. I cheated actually because although I never opened a single website at work for two days, I was still tempted to read the latest posts from Anime Nano when I got back home. And why I’m here now? Well, I’m not doing overtime for this weekend thankfully, but even then I still brought home some work with me. It’s no longer office work but homework, but I guess I prefer the comforts of home rather than another day at the office.

Anyway, subs for Black Lagoon have come out, and thus my review merited an update. Also, while I was away I got a complaint about it lol. Read it here. So I guess I’ll be updating the review whenever another subbed episode comes out. 🙂

And wow, the sub for Binbou Shimai Monogatari 04 was fast! But rest assured, I did watch it raw. I just got beaten to it because of my so-called exile. =p


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