In Review: The Law of Ueki


Finally, I finished this one.

Ueki Kousuke has the power to transform garbage to trees. This power was given to him by Kobasen, a teacher and also a God candidate. But unknown to Ueki, he is not the only power user that exists. The winning God candidate becomes God and the top power user will get a blank zai, and by writing on it get any ability that he/she wants. In the quest to become the next God, not all God candidates’ intentions are pure. Ueki gets dragged into all this, and interesting battles ensue!

  • Animation at 0.50. Acceptable, but never excellent.
  • Characters at 0.75. Characters are plentiful here. And interestingly, they also usually feature the characters’ backgrounds before they became power users, and that’s a positive point. I especially like Sano and Rinko. However, there are also annoying characters, and Mori and Hideyoshi top that list. Hideyoshi the monkey is mostly useless throughout the time he appears, but I also grudgingly admit that they found a surprising way on making him a little significant in the final episode. Mori’s voice is annoying, that’s more than enough to make me dislike her.
  • Music at 0.5. Hmm, nothing extraordinary, just your average music.
  • Story/Plot/Dialogue at 0.75. Whenever those overly dramatic/cheesy dialogue happens, I always feel the urge to hit the stop button. There’s lots of interesting battles, but there’s also a lot of talk. Mostly about the law of this character and that character and that, blah blah blah. And yeah, I do think it’s too much that almost any bad power user has a change of heart after encountering Ueki.
  • Entertainment value at 1.25. If you disregard the dialogue, the battles will become more interesting than the ones in Fate Stay Night. Not convinced? There are no out of this world battles here, no slice of life reality, just kids given with interesting powers. So, to have sat through 51 episodes of this series means it must have been enjoyable enough and worth the time.

Okay, so I wasn’t able to make a first impressions post about this anime because I watched it way before I went into blogging. The first few episodes were so-so. I was about to really drop this series, until Ueki got his dandy talent! It was hilarious, and so I kept on watching, though I stopped for a while when anime I thought were more interesting arrived.

Now dialogue aside, what really earned this series my respect was the way the battles and how the power users used their powers was executed. I mean, to be able to provide 20+ characters with unique powers, backgrounds and personalities is awesome! But what’s more praiseworthy is the fact that these powers are used in very interesting ways you could not have imagined, even if the power doesn’t even look formidable or useful at all.

Now that’s not all. There are also several twists in the story, such as the fact that power users were not given their powers just because some Heavenly being likes them, but that there’s actually a competition to determine who becomes God! Another is that though at first, it’s a one-on-one battle between power users, in the end it becomes a team effort in the competition to determine the next God. And power users can also level-up! Now I’m not gonna spoil anymore, for the sake of those who might want to see this anime for themselves. 🙂

Favorite power users

– Rinko, with the power to turn beads into bombs.

– Sano, with the power to turn towels into iron.

Most despised power users

– Hideyoshi, most useless power user

– Mori, most annoying power user

Best fight– I can’t decide, actually. But I like it when it’s Sano who’s fighting. He has brains too.

Now this anime might not appeal to everyone, it did not impress me much at first too. But for me this is more watchable than some anime with cute characters or harems but are totally worthless crap, like Tonagura or Chocotto Sister. Now I really said it.

Rating: 3.75/5

Ueki team


Sorry about the names, they looked ok before I uploaded them. But the boy with the green hair is Ueki, beside him is Sano and Rinko. The other girl is Mori.


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  1. I’ currently watching The Law of Ueki…and I just LOVE it!!! Just like you, my fav characters are Rinko and Sano. They are just cute together!!! I just love how when Rinko and Sano fights together, they are really powerful, but yet always argues. Its just hilarious watching them fight together!!! It’ll be funny to watch them go out on a date together!! LOL!!! Anyway, I don’t know why its werid but Rinko is like a reflection of me…. Right now, I dont have any “real” friends at school…so I feel very lost…which is exactly what Rinko had felt before… But the werid things is…while watching the anime, I always ended up liking the guys that Rinko likes…yes I know…I did end up liking Roberto (Hope the spelling is correct). LOL…anyway, The Law of Ueki is just a great Anime/Manga!! 🙂

  2. I myself was really surprised when the anime turned out a good watch in the end. And Rinko and Sano really are a perfect pair. Right now, looking back at my rating, I think it actually deserves 4! =p

  3. when i first started watching the law of ueki . i thuoght it would be a boring series but i was wrong . i was quite sad when it finished . i hope that there would be a season2 ok!

  4. i like law of ueki especially robert and ueki . i liked it when they fought at douguro mansion . soo awesome lah….
    it was fun while it lasted .at the end i thought ueki was gonna die but he didnt . so keep watchging law of ueki . :*

  5. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????so?good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  6. I like Ueki because he beat Anon who has beat the God.It`s mean Ueki more powerful than god..Someone plese give me the power!!!

  7. What can Mori do to be less annoying. She as a character is annoying wouldn’t it take away from who she is to change that?




    OR GO TO



  9. (sorry…i made a mistake!) ^_^;
    *here look for a pic of ueki or the japanese logo
    *japanese but it has products like keychains and stuff.

    there’s a lot more sites but i’ll write those later…. and i memorized all these websites by heart! ^_^ i’m truly the number one fan of the law of ueki!!! oh and robert haydn is mine okay? MINE!!

  10. mori’s power is to make an opponent fall in love with her glasses! but the opponent has to do a goody two-shoes pose. like lifting one leg up and putting your hands in a fist and put them together! i’m very sorry i’m so f-ing annoying but i just really LOVE ueki no housoku because it is my number one obsession in the whole world!!! I’M SO SORRY!! WAAAH!! I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!

  11. I finaly found you Ichigo (Diana) since Miguel doesent know im contacting you he wont help you…Im ROBERT’s REAL NUMBER ONE FAN NOT YOU DIANA!! *Demonic smile*

  12. *Ahem*. Anon may have beaten God, but that doesn’t mean he was stronger. He snuck up (sneaked up?) on him when his guard was down and he was worn out from fighting Margaret. Also, God has that… Mr. Stop…. object. And he’s 55 years old, not in his prime anymore, but still can beat everyone else. Therefore God was, and still is, the strongest.

  13. …….and He didn’t defeat Margaret even though he COULD’ve, because he wanted to change his mind rather than make him more bitter. What kind of name is Margaret for a man, anyway?

    Sorry for triple posting.

  14. I like this story where can i downloads?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. where can i find the episodes of the law of ueki instead of going to youtube? cuz i tried in youtube and they only had episode 33 and no more other episodes..
    i wanna watch episode 38 and 42 sometime if someone can just tell me what site i can watch it then i’ll be happy.

  16. Hey, Diana…I can’t understand a word of that one website!! T_T I ain’t so fluent in Japanese, darn it! I am currently obsessed with the Law of Ueki…does anyone have ‘Scanlations’ of the Manga? Please? I think I’ll die if I don’t find ’em soon…*begs*

  17. Ranyxa… which one is the one you’re talking about? is it the websunday? well the story is….
    It is starts 2 years after the battle for the blank zai. it seems everyone but ueki has lost their memories of their most important person. and he’s with this weird sheep looking thing to help ueki. ueki meetsmore characters too! ^_^ i think they all have their powers again…
    oh! go to
    and look for law of ueki (tv) then on the very top, there should be links to view the manga. click on
    ueki no housoku purasu
    (Law of ueki plus)
    you’ll find it! ^_^

  18. the anime ‘law of ueki’ cites different situations which are not far from reality. every dialogue that ueki throws to his opponents seem to catch my attention. i hope there would really be somebody like ueki who treasures his friends and saves everyone from danger, may it be an enemy or not.
    GO UEKI!..

  19. I thought twice before I watched it,and when I finally did…I was so amazed!the music(OP & ED) is nice,the characters are cool(esp. Kousuke[I like calling him in his 1st name],and a nice ending.sure there are blood and violence,but from start ’till end,no one died(okay,except the townspeople who made 5 yr. old Robert’s life miserable)buts it’s great.hope all will enjoy it!

  20. i just like Ueki a lot i’ve finished and still cant get enough of it i hope to see season 2 here in our country and by the same network.

  21. Ueki????? keren bangedsssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! kira2 kapan ya ueki purasu bakal terbit di indonesia ???? kalo ad yang taw kasi tawu ya ? pengen bgd download manganya . dimana ya bisa di download???

  22. any of u guys know that law of ueki has a gameboy advance version?if any of u guys wanna ply it u can add me msn and then i send to u.

  23. aaaaa……iam back !!!!! uhhhhh…. where can i download ueki purasu manga ?????!!!! i tried to found it but i cant !!!! arrrghhh…..

  24. thank you! yay! i always thought i was like the #1 fan of it…
    it is my number one! and i think it is the best anime in the whole world next to ueki purasu!haha! ^_^

  25. Yay! I love the Law of Ueki! Rite now I’m re-watching it on animax. I tried to find the dvd but for I can’t seem to find it T___T too bad because I really want to watch the real japanese version…

    Are they ever gonna make an anime of Law of Ueki Plus? right now it’s still a manga, right?

  26. Aah, it’s been a while since watching this back around 2 years ago. A wonderful anime that; dissapointingly, could be better.

    My favourite chara was Sano, he’s actually one of the most sane one of the bunch! XDDD I wish more people actually watch this series, because it’s so hard to find LoU images! DX

  27. actually u guys can go to to watch the latest animes there is.

    abt the anime…… i have nothing to say except that its gREAT…. sad that all of ueki’s maohs gone fighting that stupid anon. nearly lost his life man. u guys nid to thank the monkey, he saved ueki unknowingly.. d=_=b hahas. peace out

  28. umm Guys…. Can u pls tell me wt website i can find The Gba of Law of Ueki…


    Pls Leave a reply with the website… PLS!! T___T
    (Im desperate….)

  29. Anyone know where to find the manga scans or download The Law of Ueki? I searched everywhere but I only found teh Law of Ueki Plus…

  30. anyone know if there’s an episode after law of ueki episode 51? i really hope law of ueki 2 comes out. anywayz, this anime freaking rocks~ the creators should really make some more of this stuff


  31. the law of ueki rox but the bad thing is i watched it i wanna watch other anime that has the same style as this. i dun mean this show is not nice i mean tat it will be boring cuz i just watch finishing and have to watch again so tell me now!!!!

  32. hello.i like law of ueki so much.thus, i have questions that i want to ask. what is annon’s maoh? how did he defeat roberto if he didn’t have sacred weapons?

  33. Hmm… I’m sure many peoples loving my husband, yeah…
    Thanks for Kari,Diana, the number one ueki no housoku fan!!, Miguel’s other side (Tiako), robert’s REAL fan, for loving my husband at all. Thanks very much… He is very handsome so they love him right? Yeah that’s Robert Hayden, my husband ^^

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