Honey and Clover II: Episode 05


Hail Miwako! Now if only somebody can cheer me up like what she did for Yamada. Working with Rika and Mayama has certainly allowed Yamada to notice a change in the relationship between the two. Like how Mayama now talks to Rika while she’s in Spain. Still Yamada is truly lucky Miwako is there for her, and that so is Nomiya.

The Massage

Now I can’t help but compare her to Rika this time. Rika has difficulty moving on after Harada’s death. On the other hand, Yamada’s object of affection is still alive, and that would be Mayama. Who do you think is hurt the most? Is it Rika, who lost the person who loved her, or Yamada, though Mayama is not dead, but has lost her chances with him because of Rika? But it’s good though that somehow, Nomiya is now under Yamada’s radar. It is a step to forgetting about Mayama. I also like the way Nomiya went after Yamada. He sure doesn’t come out like a stalker, unlike the other guy we know. 🙂

Before the kick

Morita also appears here again, and as usual, whenever he’s there, there’s sure to be a hilarious situation. And yeah, he eats Hagu’s lunch, prompting Hagu to remark it’s dirty. Though it’s still a mystery what he and his brother are up to. Is it something illegal?


Hagu appears but only plays a small part. But Takemoto gets to reflect a lot in this episode. He realizes he’s the poorest among his circle of friends. I can also add that not only financially, but in his talents. Yamada already has clients thanks to Rika’s connections, and Hagu, well if she just wants it she can be rich because of her talent, though I doubt if she can really handle the pressure of being a professional artist.


As Takemoto and Mayama walk to the bath house, they get to talk seriously. It turns out that Mayama is already saving up for a future with Rika, though he’s not really sure if they will have a future together. But I sure would have loved to know what those three oppurtunities that humans have in their life were. Anyway, Mayama thinks of the day he might be able to tell his beloved to take some time off, if ever something happens to her. This man is really serious. At the bath, Takemoto remembers Mayama’s words. And Hagu comes to mind. Takemoto must feel helpless at this stage. But I do root for him and Hagu. Never mind Morita. Though I do believe him to have a more mature grasp of the ways of the world than Takemoto, I don’t think he’s right for Hagu. He may be able to take care of Hagu financially, but emotionally? I doubt that.

Takemoto and Mayama

Now although this episode was good, I think I’ve had enough of Rika x Mayama x Yamada x Nomiya. I wanna see more Takemoto and Hagu and Morita!! Please!!


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