First Look: FLAG 01


*Project Raw


The first few minutes we are treated to a narration, which, is beyond me . Pictures and scenes about war are showed in sequence. Ultimately the narration goes into the background of our heroine, Saeko Shirasu.


It seems that our heroine took a very famous picture. It is of a flag being waved, and with the silhoutte of two women praying on it.


The man narrating is obviously related to our photographer, though I didn’t get his name. If it’s a romantic relationship or just plain friendship, I have no idea. But it seems that they are close friends and know each other well.


Now Saeko is given this data, which I suppose would be a scoop. In it is a demo and data on the HAVWC, or High Agility Versatile Weapon Carrier. I won’t discuss this mecha in detail anymore, since I already covered it in an earlier post. Click here to view it. Now what’s actually new is this full body shot. It doesn’t look pretty at all, it’s like it’s having an e-ection. LOL.


Now it our two protagonists are escorted to this base camp where this HAVWC is probably being tested. We are introduced to new characters, and since they bothered with the introductions they must be somewhat important, so I’ll post their pics here.


So over-all? There are a lot of shots from behind camera lenses, and since this is about war and photography after all, that’s understandable. The sound is good too. But it’s probably due to the fact that I played at high volume, in a futile attempt to better understand the dialogue.

I also noticed the reused shots. Or am I just too sensitive to these because of my Gundam Seed/Destiny experience? The sequence on the HAVWC appears twice too. But I have no complaints with the animation though. I’ll be looking forward to the subs, since dialogue is important here. If not, I’ll still watch the raws when they come. I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging this though.

And yeah, thanks to l33t for the raws!


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