Lil, Real, Re-l…I give up


Ok so, Ergo Proxy will soon end. Allow me to ramble about this series, and the faces that represent it.

That Pose You Do

I was originally drawn to this anime because of, yes, that girl with the picture perfect pose that appears on this blog’s header right now. I really had no idea what Ergo Proxy was about, and yeah, even several episodes into the series there was still no clear definition of what a proxy really was. I just happened to read about it from some of the blogs that covered it then (way before I got my own blog). I was surfing for interesting anime that I could watch and my curiousity kept on growing, until I finally got to watch it for myself.

Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig was still fresh in my mind then, and Ergo Proxy looked like a good replacement for the sci-fi slot that GITS left vacant. I was actually expecting another Motoko-like character (again judging from the stern expression), and was going to compare Ergo Proxy to GITS, but alas, there’s nothing to compare. GITS is way better than Ergo Proxy, by miles.

I was expecting Real to be quite skilled in combat, but no, no evidence of being quite skilled. Episode 16 exposes her non-existent cooking skills, and an earlier episode (I forgot which one) shows she is a spoiled brat. I cannot pinpoint any other outstanding qualities from Real, and that is not good. The high expectations must have added to my disappointment in the character of Real.

Ergo Proxy, the guy

Okay so Vincent, well, I have little to say about. I never did suspect him to be a proxy, he was just too innocent looking. His predicament is understandable (the amnesia and his liking for Real), though I don’t feel that much of a sympathy for him.

The Others

Raul is a wacko. Kristeva is scary. Iggy, he became a wacko too, lol. And Daedalus? He’s not much of a wacko on the scale of Raul, but I get this strange feeling he might secretly be a pedo. No, scratch that, just kidding.

The Shining Star, Pino

She is the savior of this series for me. Without her, this series would have become super-boring. She is cute, and lovable. I was glad I finished episode 19 (because I seriously didn’t want to watch it after seeing those mascots). Seeing Pino in action was fun, even if the point of the episode wasn’t all that clear to me. Too bad I can’t find a good picture of her, or else it would be her gracing my header, instead of Real.

I was gonna say more about this series, but well, I guess I’ll save it for the final review. My brain is super-tired now.



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  1. * Ergo Proxy looked like a good replacement for the sci-fi slot that GITS left vacant.

    LOOKED! I totally agree with everything you typed in this post.

    Ergo Proxy was misadvertised. The trailers showed -0- of what the show was really like. What happens when you fool people into watching a show (most of the time)? They don’t like it and complain. Which is exactly what I’m doing now. 😛

    Animation/artwork issues were present in all episodes after the first, but if they fixed all issues I had with the TV version on DVD then it’s all right. I mean the version you pay for is more important than what a show looked like on TV. It’s a whole other matter that that it failed to keep up my interest though…

    To me, Ergo Proxy (up to ep21) didn’t deliver on any level. While in episodes 1-3 I was very happy about not being sure what was going on and very excited about figuring it all out in time, I stopped caring about any of the mysteries or characters once they got to the wastelands and spent 80% of the show there. I couldn’t help but wonder when the F would they get back to a big city with monsters running free.

    Manglobe… do better next time.

  2. I love this show. I was lucky enough to enjoy it early on, because if it doesn’t catch your attention during its lag after episode 3, with at least something, you’re going to be in for a long and boring series. The user opinions on major websites seem favorable, but for those disappointed, I get it. This show was advertised in a very false way. Worse, it attracted people who wouldn’t otherwise have wanted to watch it. No wonder it has people complaining.
    I love it. And the end episodes are great. But I do get why you guys would be frustrated. For me, I never loved the sci-fi it advertised itself as. I just happened to watch it. So I love what it became. I wonder how it’s going to be viewed later down the line, when word gets out what the show really is, and people who would be interested in that sort of thing see it.

  3. I am a big fan of GITS, but not as much of a fan as I am for Ergo Proxy. I never did measure up Ergo Proxy to GITS becuase that’s the worst thing a person can do when they are going to enjoy any form of entertainment. What I do is that i look at all things as their own. Ergo Proxy intrigued me just like other philosophical/scifi movies have done for me in the past. Real is lead to be the “matron” of this series by appearance, but the real story is how human humans are. Do we all work to be “ideal citizens”? Why do we if that is our goal? Or is it for self realization? For everyone it is different. Autoreivs infected with the “cogito virus” thought for their they were and are, with that feeling of self-realization they learned to love and feel like humans do. Iggy is a good example, self realization is a great feeling, but is also scary. So ergo proxy thus far for my self is asking, “what is my purpose in life and what will make me happy and fulfilled?” That is something that each person is striving for or what others are blindly avoiding. So by saying that GITS is far better than Ergo Proxy is odd. GITS is not Ergo Proxy and that they both may be similar they scale everything they try to relay on different levels of philosophy and scifi.

  4. Well, both shows belong to the sci-fi category, they also have lots of blah3x conversations going on, both have women as leads (at least Re-l was the advertised lead), though the settings from each show are different. So it was just natural for me to compare them; it’s not like I’m comparing EP with a slice-of-life anime. But perhaps EP was not aiming for GITS’ niche? If so, perhaps we can give it some slack; but still for the impatient (like me) some sort of boredom factor set in. I was just ranting about what I thought the show was all about, not what it’s supposed to be.

  5. But still, thanks for the comments. 🙂

    It gives me another view/perspective on Ergo Proxy. Perhaps some day, when I get to rewatch this show again, I might become enlightened, and come to enjoy the show for what it really is, not what I thought it should have been.

  6. Alright, first of all I’m guessing you all are ignoring the “don’t judge a book by its cover” concept. HOW in the hell could you compare GITS and EP? They aren’t even in the same type of plot line and the stories are completely different. E.P. covers more of a 1984/Brave New World concepts, where GITS is more of a Japanese Tom Clancy series. Second of all, where in the hell is the appreciation for building up a story and getting to know your characters intimately? Might I comment that while Bebop is my fav’est Anime of all time, think about how many boring bounties or Faye’s back story popped into the scene and yet we all still watch it. Its story people, not a Dynasty Warriors game. You want action right away that is fine, but Ergo is more meant along the lines of taking its time to explain and develop what is going on. All in all GITS covers conspiracies while E.P. is more along the lines of Genetic mutations, brainwashed citizens, and controlled environments. This is not an Anime for the simple minded.

  7. Spike, calm down. 😉

    First of all, I wrote this piece to vent my disappointments because of my wrong expectations.

    Second, GITS and EP are sci-fi, which will always give reason for comparison. Sure they may take a different approach, but the thing is, have they accomplished what they were meant to do? I certainly say GITS did, as for EP, I’m not so sure. It might also be that I misunderstood what the show was really all about. That’s why I said I wish I could be able to see it in a different light if I ever I have the time to re-watch it.

    >>E.P. is more along the lines of Genetic mutations, brainwashed citizens, and controlled environments.

    Isn’t the Japan in GITS also a controlled environment? I’m not saying it’s on a scale like it is in EP. The way the governments manipulate and suppress information is also present, though because of the Net and contact with other countries it is not as absolute as it is with EP.

    >>All in all GITS covers conspiracies while E.P. is more along the lines of Genetic mutations, brainwashed citizens, and controlled environments. This is not an Anime for the simple minded.

    I disagree that GITS is just all about conspiracies. But one thing is clear: both shows are not for the simple minded.

  8. Personally to me EP was more of what I expect of sci-fi in general. Good sci-fi is often philisophical in nature and left open ended. As in, theres still room for your own imagination to speculate. There we’re nigling things. Like too many of the proxy “enocunters” occured in their dreams / hallucinations but over all I found it extreamly enjoyable. I’ talk about it more, but its 2 am and my brains dead.

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