Would you spend for this?


I got this off my favorite tech blog, and it seems that Bandai has a new 1/12 Gundam model out. It’s actually for those ‘grown up’ kids that love Gundam. It costs 350000 yen, or about $3045 which equals 156878.4 pesoses.

Gundam Model
Some parts are also movable. If it’s gonna cost that much, I’d rather try building one for myself LOL. And of course, the lady doesn’t come with it.

The links:

Gizmodo Post
Bandai Page

Edit: Fixed image.


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  1. Okay…since it appears no other guy is going to say it, I will.

    What?! It doesn’t come with the chic…ahh man…

    Now-that that’s out of the way, I’m always surprised that there is actually a market for those things. I read an article a while back about someone buying a 1/1 scale model of Gundam Zero’s head…where do you put something like that?

  2. Actually, this gave me a crazy idea when I get to buy my own house someday hehehe. I’d have somebody carve something like that for me, and put that in a garden like a gnome LOL.

    The comments at Gizmodo and Kotaku were funny too. Of course I couldn’t think about it since I’m not a guy. Anyway if anybody’s having a hard time looking for the post at Gizmodo just right-click on the link, copy link location, and then paste the url on the address box(?). It’s only now that I learned the link didn’t go to the actual page itself, even if I put the correct url. Gomen.

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