Neon Genesis Evangelion 01

At first look it seems like a typical mecha anime. Shinji Ikari, a young boy, is tasked to pilot an Evangelion, which is supposed to defeat the Angel ravaging the landscape.

The Angel also reminded me of the monstrous looking enemies of older mecha series–like Voltes V, except that they’re organic. The face looks like a Hollow lol. I also get reminded of Rahxephon’s first episode. Although it may be said that Rahxephon may have similiar elements of NGE. It only smacks of weirdness. I think Rahxephon was able to exude more mystery about it. I haven’t seen anything after episode 1 of Rahxephon though. I might make time for it, after I finish Turn A Gundam, which I will watch in turn after finishing Evangelion. Still a long way to go for me, I guess.

I wanted to throw something at Shinji’s father too. I don’t know if the father-son relationship changes later on, however. But I do hate him for now.
The reluctance of Shinji to pilot the mech was understandable though. His change of heart is believable too. But my seeming lack of enthusiasm after watching episode one might be because of the “I’ve seen this all before” refrain. An unwilling and initially clueless boy is thrust into a battle to save the Earth, Earthlings, or to fight for survival. I’ve seen it in the original Gundam, in Gundam Seed, Dual! Parallel Adventure, etc etc. Hence my original impression of a typical mecha anime. It can also be pointed out, though, that Gundam Seed and Dual were made after NGE. So it could be my fault. 🙂

All this would mean that I would have to see more ‘unique’ elements if this anime were to impress me a lot. My friend said that this one was controversial, and I’d like to see how. But I guess the fact that I’m watching this mainly out of curiousity (and for credit purposes too hehehe) is a big minus already.

I guess that’s it for my first impressions of NGE. But I decided that I won’t blog NGE again until after Honey and Clover and BSM are finished. I think that 2 shows per week is my limit for per-episode posts. And besides, I should be studying already instead of watching more anime (although blogging about FLAG is so tempting now since a subber has apparently picked it up). So expect posts to slow down after August, and perhaps I can post more frequently later in December, I hope.


6 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion 01

  1. This is no typical mecha series. It gets really good later on in the series but you must see through to the end. I’m not saying that you will love it but I’m also not saying you will hate it. It’s a series that I believe has a love/hate feeling among us anime fans. I personally like this series and it goes way beyond the typical mecha anime.

    Also about Rahxephon thats a good series to watch also. It’s a bit easier to follow than Evangelion but it has own charm. I believe that every anime fan should give Eva and Rahxephon a chance.

  2. By the way, I love that header image you have. It’s sweet I think its a lot better than mine.

    lol! Can I have it when your done with it? But seriously did you make it yourself?

  3. As a mecha fan myself, I feel it is a must to see Evangelion and Rahxephon LOL. But I still have to experience that love-hate feeling though hehehe.

    About the header, yeah, I did make it. But only after numerous failed experiments. It didn’t help that I’m using GIMP, with its difficult interface. When Ergo Proxy ends, I might make a new header, though. Feel free to grab it. =)

  4. I’m glad to see that you’ve blogged the first episode of NGE. The show gets a *lot* more serious after the first episode, so I really encourage you to continue watching. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

  5. Glad you’re picking up this series. Its a little old, some people may call it fucked up and pretentious, but it reall makes for a good watch. Don’t let the comedic intervals fool you though. NGE is about interactions between humans, not the mechs itself

  6. flou

    This is still my all time favorite series. You’ll start to understand this is no normal series around episode 13 or so. Some of the episodes left me shaking, they were so good, which is weird for me considering when watching anime, whether I like or hate it, I show no emotion, I never laugh or cry when watching anime, so this series was a shocker when I first saw it years ago. I recently marathoned it a month ago to see if it was as good as I remember, and it was even better. Keep watching and follow through, although, I warn you, you may get depressed. 😀

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