Mushishi: After the marathon


I’ve caught up with the subbed eps now. I could have posted this a lot earlier, but I had to go to work to do that dreadful thing called overtime. Anyway, let me rant on.

This series is really exceptional. I’m faulting myself now, for having let the episodes accumulate unwatched. But I do have to admit that I found the slow pace a bit boring at the start. But then I got the hang of it as I watched more.

I like the stories. And yes, it’s heart rending how characters are faced with making difficult decisions. How they react when faced with the paranormal. The morality play on the misuse of Mushi is there too. But usually, there are no villains to blame here, only Mushi doing what they’re supposed to do. Halfway through most episodes, I was already asking myself is this going to be another tragedy, or a happy ending? A guessing game that I am forced to play. It’s what keeps this anime interesting for me too.

It’s quite easy to sympathize with most of the characters here. Although, with new characters every episode, I can’t even remember their names now. But you really get to know the characters, even if it’s just for one episode. Usually, they’re ordinary people living their lives, until an unfortunate brush with the Mushi. The Mushi are not really that bad though. They’re just part of the natural world in this anime.

And yes, Ginko. He is one cool dude. As a Mushishi, the burden of the most difficult decison-making actually is on him. I’m also glad that there are eps where he also gets to interact with fellow Mushishi, especially in episode 24. But what interests me most however, is his love life. I mean, he could also have his harem, but scattered in different places lol. But on the more serious side, it really must be difficult for him, given that he attracts Mushi. But I do like the girl with the black foot for Ginko, rather than the one with the younger brother. Well, that’s just my opinion.

Now, I have to stop before I say too much. This already sounds like a review. And I don’t want to run out things to say when I write the final review for this series. 🙂


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  1. Haha glad you caught up with Mushishi ^^ I like the girl with the younger brother more (can’t remember her name =\) but that’s just me…

  2. I’m watching Mushishi right now. I wanted to look around and see how others liked it. I’m glad it doesn’t go downhill the more episodes you watch. ^_^

    I too am curious how Ginko’s love life will turn out (or if he will even have one for that matter). Hmm, I’ll have to check those episodes with those girls you mentioned later to see if I notice any sparks flying =3

    Thanks for the info.

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