Binbou Shimai Monogatari 05: Now that’s more slice of lifey


*Project Raw

Finally, somebody released a raw and I’m finally able to once again destroy my ears little by little through listening at a high volume. But this episode is probably the best by far, in that there is actually less of the petals galore. I did notice one, and it was a useless effect at that.

It seems poor sisters are having trouble with the rent, and they notice Mr. Landlord staring at the sakura tree. They go to him, but then as the wind blows and the sisters cover up, Mr. Landlord recalls memories of another set of girls. He suddenly blurts out Erika (?) and Nami (?). The girls are surprised at that too, but they ask Mr. Landlord for an extension maybe, of their payment for rent. They are suprised that he agrees, but they also wonder what Mr. Landlord saw. And who Erika and Nami are.

So next scene we have Kyou returning triumphantly with her paycheck. They think about going out somewhere, but can’t decide immediately where. However they end staying at their apartment. That’s when they notice a flower blooming. They end up going to the public bath, but as they leave they encounter Mr. Landowner. Later at the bath house we learn that he told them to leave the apartment. But suddenly Kyou cheers up and blurts out a short ‘We’re not gonna give up/lose’ mantra.

As the sisters pack up, our lady neighbor pops in and fills us in with more information: a mansion is actually being put up. So they surmise that was the reason Mr. Landlord was looking at the tree so intently.

So the great migration begins. As Kyou and Asou go looking for lodging with their bags and belongings, they are stopped by an acquiantance and offered a place to stay. Suddenly other characters come out of nowhere to offer their place too. I dunno if they came out from the earlier eps though, I really don’t remember. It turns out that Mr. Landlord has actually asked each of these people to let Kyou and Asou stay with them. But another fact is revealed: 40(?) years ago Mr. Landlord’s family (wife and daughter) was killed when a big truck rammed into the apartment. So off our sisters go to stop the mansion from being constructed, and save the sakura tree.

Only to find out that the mansion was actually being built on the other side. Mr. Landlord just made them leave because he thought it was too dangerous for the poor sisters.

After weeks(?) of having no episodes, I think I’ve finally come to enjoy watching Binbou Shimai a little. It seems that I’ve also grown to like the OP, because I’m hearing it more and more. And I’m surprised now, that more subbers have taken this up too. But if it were not for my Project Raw, I probably would have dropped this series right from the start. Looking back, it would have been a mistake. At least I can take this kind of anime more than those other fan-service oriented shows out there now. And it’s not really as heavy as Honey and Clover.
New word/s:

娘 (musume) – daughter

I will post pics if ever I find the time. When this series is over that’s only when I’ll probably make corrections to my summaries. If my mistake is too obvious perhaps I’ll update faster.


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  1. Hahaha got nothing else to do eh?

    My hearing is not really that superb so I guess I’ll be making mistakes from time to time. Anyway I never really guaranteed the accuracy of this summary. It’s just a pet project to practice Nihongo listening comprehension. 🙂

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