Binbou Shimai Monogatari 06: Ginko 007!


*Project Raw

My favorite Asou rival reappears!

The mansion that was put up actually belongs to the family of Ginko. Now the first scene is of Ginko on the rooftop of their super big house, and thinking about how her sister must hate a failure like her.

The next morning, while on the way to school, Ginko sees the poor sisters hurrying up. They notice each other of course, and Ginko informs them that their house is that mansion. But what occupies Ginko is how the two sisters seem to be together often. She thinks it strange. I do think so too.

Jolly sisters

At school, Ginko also notices that other kids seem to warm up to Asou and even help her. Then on the way home other people would also give Asou food. It actually propels her to shout ‘I won’t lose’, only to turn red and flee.

The next day she has this spying equipment set up. She snoops on the sisters having dinner, sleeping, talking on the road, blah3x. It’s funny how this slice of life anime has unrealistic elements to it. Like, the only sound would be the conversation between Kyou and Asou. Her family is rich, they can definitely get spying equipment like that. But how it picks up everything has me raising my eyebrows.

Spy meido

Anyway, our little Ginko gets lonelier, and in a fit goes over to the poor sisters’ house and blurting out that there’s nobody at home. The poor sisters come over and see the very nice view from the mansion’s windows. But then Kyou falls asleep and the two kids get a nice heart to heart talk lol. Ginko realizes that it’s not only Kyou who’s doing her best, her older sister is doing her best too. So after the poor sisters leave Ginko can’t sleep. Her elder sister arrives, our little Ginko gets emotional and gives her a hug! Uh oh it’s another pair of hugging sisters!

New hugging sisters

Anyway in the end Ginko realizes that she was just thinking about herself. And how she should do her best too.

Now the only thing that was interesting about this episode was the espionage thingy. I think I enjoyed episode 3 more than this one. I dunno, I kinda liked the competition between Asou and Ginko, which was not present in this one.

Next episode, Kyou has a love interest!

New word:

特売 (tokubai) – bargain sale


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