Honey and Clover II: Episode 07


So with this episode we delve more into the background of the Morita brothers. Or more specifically, on their father, Tsukasa. Another major player in this series is Tatsuo, Tsuakasa’s friend. Kaoru narrates in this one. We witness how eccentric Tsukasa really is. Instead of using an interview, he will hire only the one who can make a plane that flies the farthest!! I now remember that movie, called Pirates of the Silicon Valley. There was this nerdy guy applying for Apple and then Steve Jobs (I think it was Jobs) asks: Are you a virgin? Or something like that. Another example is Google. They actually organize a competition where you could win prizes and if they like your talent you could get a job opportunity with them. Anyway I do see a point in Tsukasa’s plane competition. Underneath it was also like a gauge of how the applicants to the firm would do in actual working conditions. It really is an accurate gauge into a job applicant’s abilities, but on the other hand if you were having a bad day that wouldn’t be good at all.

Back then, Shinobu (yes the Morita we know most) was already exhibiting his exceptional talents. No doubt he inherited it from his dad. So Shinobu was the favorite son, not Kaoru. I was actually thinking this was the main theme here, but the betrayal of Tatsuo on Tsukasa was the real reason for the situation the Morita brothers are now in. Since it was Tatsuo’s machinations that cost Tsukasa his company, and so it was the reason for the Morita brothers’ resolve to get it back.

Fave son

It’s so eerie how Honey and Clover captures another fact of life here. Favoritism among siblings has actually been a source of friction. I’m glad that Kaoru wasn’t that immature to do anything bad about it. Another theme here is the bitter division that exists: between the haves and the have-nots. Between the loved and the unloved. But the lack or the existence of talents/abilities are the focus here. It sure is frustating for some to be standing on the sidelines, watching a friend bask in all the glory. And must be more so, for a brother, and the elder one at that. The recurring question would be why? And that self-doubting question, is there something only I can do?


Although I do think Tatsuo’s situation is worthy of pity, his actions are unforgivable. I do think he deserved what he got in the end. Although that’s just my opinion. But then again, jealousy is an emotion that can get you to do really bad things. Kaoru also identifies with him, and he must have been thoroughly disappointed at what Tatsuo did.

On a lighter note, I really loved the blue and purple(?) skies they put here. It put me in a really nice mood. Until I saw that blood-stained glass and the blonde hair beside it. I feel nervous about episode 8 already.

Stained glass


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