Another one gets the axe…


Another one gets the axe

And another one gone, a blue thingy gone

Another one gets the axe

I’ve been dropping shows lately and the latest one is Welcome to the NHK! The novelty of a series about hikkikomori and NEETs was what drew me to this show. However, the novelty has worn off and I just can’t stand to watch anymore Satou’s delusions and perverted interests. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to picking this series up again in the future. The story is picking up basing on the episode reviews but I do not see myself getting anything–may it be enjoyment or some intellectual insight into the mind of a hikkikomori like Satou. Another reason maybe that I do not like tragic and seemingly hopeless characters–Satou seems to be one. Anyway, I’ll still read the reviews from time to time and then if there’s anything that interests me then I’ll pick this one up again. Or if ever it becomes a top ten anime on some magazine poll. Hahaha.

So what’s gonna keep me busy now? Actually I’ve planned a Kiba marathon this weekend. But since I’m the office right now I can’t start right away like I want to. It’s like a regular thing now, but that’s a burden I’ve got to live with for now. I might get more free time come September. But then again I still have to devote time for study since I’m still procastinating while I can. 🙂

But that’s not all. I’ve actually picked up other shows–not so new but I think are a more worthy investment of my time.


I was wondering what the brouhaha about Saya was all about, and basing on the first episode this anime certainly deserves its title. Although I don’t think I will ever catch up to the latest releases this month, and I won’t try. My desktop wallpaper at work now has Saya in it and the moonlight just illuminating her face and all, holding that sword of hers. Very nice.

Maria-sama ga miteru

Since Strawberry Panic was being compared to this one I got curious. I want to finish this one before SP finishes, so I’ll marathon this after Kiba. Anyway, I already have a sort of head start–I’m already at episode five. Though I’m feeling guilty for not resuming watching Evangelion, I do feel that the reason for watching Marimite is more urgent. Besides, I’ve read about Marimite’s possibility of being shown on TV where I’m from. I also want to be able to compare how they adapt it to TV, my country being predominantly conservative on issues like this.

Well, gotta go now. I still have to finish my lunch you know.

08.22.06 Edit. It looks like Marimite aired on TV earlier this year. Since I no longer follow anime on TV it looks like I missed its airing. Grrrr.


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  1. Blood+ is an amazing title. It’s a bit slow for the first 20 episodes, though after that, it really gets amazing. Good luck in getting to that point. 😉

  2. I think Strawberry Panic has achieved at least one good thing, it raised lot of interest towards Marimite. I as well watched it because of blatant copying in SPanic and thinking how the original must be better. Now it’s in my top10.

  3. Although I don’t think Marimite will enter my top ten, I’ve already noticed it’s more beautifully executed than Strawberry Panic. The only thing would be that I think Shizuma has grabbed my interest only more than Sachiko in a battle of first episodes. But the humorous situations in Marimite seem to be more natural than in SP.

  4. I feel like I’ll turn you off blood+ by agreeing with Crayotic and psgels, but they’re right.

    Despite all the action it’s supposed to be a character driven show, hense the slowness. It is good though that’s why I and many others are 44 episodes in and waiting for the next sub.

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