Binbou Shimai Monogatari 07: Zzzzzzzzz…


*Project Raw

I’ll make this summary really short. Just one paragraph.

Our little Asou makes a heart-shaped chocolate for Kyou. However she gets tired of waiting for Kyou to come home and so goes out to find Kyou. However she witnesses her sister giving chocolates with a letter inside to a boy. She doesn’t like it, and doesn’t give Kyou her choco-heart, and hides it. The next day she sees our boy and decides to follow him. She finds out he is a nice and helpful boy (scout). At home Kyou finds the choco-heart and asks Asou about it. Then to add more drama, Asou tells Kyou she doesn’t need chocolates from her (Asou). More blah3x and our little tyke goes out to go on some soul-searching or er, just runs away really. But she sees boy scout on a date with another girl, and when her sister finds her makes an excuse about a sale so that Kyou wouldn’t see the two dating. However, since this is a slice of life drama, of course they all meet at the store. But it turns out that Kyou only acted as a messenger for the other girl. Duh.  And I really thought this episode was interesting from the preview…


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